GRID – Full Gauntlet Leather Gloves (Black)

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Bringing you the best of both worlds: race spec protection and daily use comfort. The Grid comes equipped with the same premium, top of the line KNOX SPS 404 protection used in the world’s most advanced gloves. Combine that with high density TPU protectors for knuckle and wrist, you have the best protection available for the Indian rider.

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Weight 1.1 kg

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Update Version 1(April 2020):

1) Upgraded SPS made from a layer of Knox’s latest Micro-lock armour on the inside and abrasion resistant LDPE on the outside.

2) Improved comfort via increased coverage area for memory foam under the knuckle protector

3) Additional layer of leather on middle finger for abrasion resistance from prolonged usage on the levers.

4) Increased velcro coverage on the gauntlet for better closure

Things to remember

  • Putting on and taking off may be slightly difficult, because the wrist area is narrowed down for safety reasons. This is done to prevent the gloves from coming off your hands during a crash and to offer a snug fit.
  • If you have never used gloves with a pinky bridge you may find it odd or uncomfortable. Give it a few days of riding and you will get used to it. Remember, any protective gear is relatively uncomfortable to wear compared to riding without any protection. 
  • You may find the Knox SPS on the palm to be uncomfortable in the first try. But just like any protective gear, over a period of time you will get used to it so you do not even notice it. These devices are incorporated in the gloves is to ensure you are well protected when you most need it.
  • In our research, we found that the palm size and the finger length are not in the same  proportion for everyone (that makes each of us unique in the truest sense!). In such cases, primary area of fitment should always be the palm area, even if you are  to be left with some extra room near your fingertips. 
  • We have used high density TPU to maximise protection and longevity. While we have added an additional foam layer underneath the TPU, they may feel a bit too hard at the beginning. Thinner and more flexible knuckle protectors are not very effective during a crash and do not last long either. 

Care instructions

Our gloves use full-grain goat leather that is naturally water-resistant. This means that the gloves do not get ruined if they get wet in rains. However, when leather gets wet, the oils get stripped from the leather - this  will stiffen the leather and eventually cause it to crack. Think of it as your skin after taking a bath - you need to moisturize to replace the natural oils in your skin removed by the water. So, what matters for your gloves is what you do after it gets wet. 

Here is a step by step process to keep your glove well cared for and last longer.

  • If your gloves get wet, dry the gloves by pressing softly with an absorbent towel.
  • If there are stains, clean the gloves by hand with a pH neutral leather cleaner using a damp cloth or a soft-bristled brush. DO NOT USE HOT WATER
  • DO NOT allow your gloves to come in contact with solvents (do not use fabric softener!), fuel, or cleaning agents. DO NOT use any kind of CHEMICAL or ALCOHOL-BASED product for eg Hand Sanitizer.
  • Do not use a washing machine or high-pressure devices to clean the gloves, as high temperatures and pressure will damage the leather.
  • Do not place your gloves near, or let your gloves get into contact with a direct heat source - this will harden the leather and lead to damage. Also, dry the gloves indoors away from direct sunlight where there is good ventilation.
  • Just before the gloves are completely dry, put the gloves on and shape them to your hand while still damp. Remove the gloves gently, trying to retain this shape in the gloves and allow it to continue drying. 
  • After the gloves are completely dry, apply a good quality leather conditioner. This is very important. Properly treated and conditioned (oiled) leather will breathe and the internal microfibers will move freely in the leather. Use a good quality leather conditioner that will allow the leather to breathe. Apply conditioner generously and rub it into the leather. Allow the conditioner to soak into the gloves and reapply (you can do this in the sun). Wipe off any excess conditioner and make sure the gloves are not slick on the motorcycle controls.
  • Make sure that your gloves are completely dry before you store them. When gloves are stored wet or in a non-ventilated area, this may cause deformations and ruin your gloves, not to mention this allows mildew to grow on the leather causing discoloration and damage.

15 reviews for GRID – Full Gauntlet Leather Gloves (Black)

  1. 5 out of 5


    One of the best products I have ever used by Via Terra. Awesome fit & finish, Super comfortable, Rough & tough with a totally International feel. Super impressed with this product Via Terra Team keep pushing the boundaries with your Products….Customer for Like….Waiting eagerly for the Jacket.

  2. 5 out of 5


    As always my trust on Viaterra quality forced me to try these gloves. And I am very proud to say that my decision was right. The armors and reinforcements at correct locations made these gloves very safe and comfortable. The conductive leather patches for mobile phones is a cream on the cake. I own Alpinestars, DSG, BBG, RST Tractech, Scoyco and Rev It gloves. And the quality of Viaterra Grip is equivalent and in some areas superior to some of these gloves. Now I am waiting for more variety of riding gears from Viaterra.
    Thank you so much Viaterra for these wonderful gloves. Only feedback is Viaterra should provide gloves packet ( like BBG to store these gloves.)

  3. 5 out of 5


    I was one of those who received the pre-launch offer. I will not say what amount I paid for the gloves, but it was a fantastic discount for what I can easily call a phenomenally great product. I also received a handwritten “thank you” note from Alex, which I thought was a nice touch.

    I was never satisfied with the offerings that Indian market had, with respect to gloves. I am glad that Viaterra grabbed this opportunity to come up with a very well designed and executed product.

    I will not get into technical specifications because they are already explained in detail, on the product page.

    1. The fit is good, the gloves feel very secure and comfortable at the same time. The length at fingers is slightly more but this is a non issue as I can comfortably operate phone. Viaterra has already said in the details that gloves won’t be a perfect fit for everyone as there are no standard palm to finger ratio.

    2. In the details, Viaterra has said that the Knox protectors on the scaphoid bone may be uncomfortable in the beginning. I did not feel any discomfort and felt at home instantly. Best in class scaphoid protectors. You will not find these in any gloves for this price range. Kudos to Viaterra for always bringing customer-centric products.

    Please remember that these gloves need to be broken into. That is – do not purchase them and immediately take the on week long rides. You surely will experience glove bites. Wear the gloves for city rides, over a period of a month or two at most. Get used to it, and let the gloves get used to your hand.

    3. It should not be surprising that there is nothing negative I have had to say about the gloves. These are worth every penny! You won’t regret buying them.

    I am buying the Holeshot gloves now, for my city rides.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Was among the first 100 customers to own the Grid and I should say this product on par with the other products in the same platform. There are very few manufacturers who provide Knox armours and have goat leather used in the making. The fit is snug and it takes a few 100 km for the glove to bed in. The grid is on par with the Knox gloves I have, except for the fancy and convenient BOA fastener. There were other 3 friends of mine, who also bought the stuff and they are all praise for the product. The follow up and the personalized touch of getting feedback from customers has also impressed me. Thank you Viaterra for this awesome piece l..

  5. 5 out of 5


    Finally found a good touring gloves at an affordable price. The leather and the rubber vents combination on the gloves really goes well in our tropical environment , ie : prevents from sweating inside the gloves… The knox armor on the palms adds an additional safety net . The reflectors on the gloves are ideally placed making it safe for night owl riders. I would recommend it to be used atleast for 100 kms before going on a long trip (to get used to the gloves ), this will allow the gloves to take the shape of your hand …
    Used the gloves for more than 7000 kms , used it in heavy rain and also in summer , but the gloves still looks brand new ..
    Quality of the gloves and the materials used are of top notch…
    Overall a great glove for city and highway riding .
    Thanks to viaterra team for bringing such great riding gloves at an affordable price range .

  6. 5 out of 5


    I came to know about the gloves from my friend who accompanied with me for ride to statue of unity. He was using the gloves from last 3 months and suggested me to wear and feel the same since I was also planning to replace my old gloves. After trying , I immediately decided to buy the gloves and bought it online from Viaterra website. The delivery of gloves was quick and then I went for couple of rides, the gloves feeling was awesome , ride was smooth and protection level is also great. I strongly recommend this gloves for touring and also it can be worn on track as well.

  7. 5 out of 5


    Viaterra Grid Full Gauntlet Gloves – comes equipped with top of the line Knox SPS 305 protection is definitely worth the money and riders who have been waiting for the stock of @rynoxgears Inferno Gloves should definitely give these gloves a try. I have found it very comfortable right from Day One although I must admit that it still needs some more break in to get more comfortable. The quality is top notch and is definitely going to give some manufacturers sleepless nights. Looking forward for more products from your end.

  8. 4 out of 5


    The fit and feel of the gloves are very natural, and I didn’t feel any discomfort at all. The KNOX protectors did not feel odd in any way. Nice product from ViaTerra, very happy with it, and would recommend the Grid to anyone wanting to buy full gauntlet gloves.

  9. 5 out of 5


    I’ve been using these gloves for the past few months and recently it showed an unusual cut in the stitching by some sort of abrasion. When I enquired the same to the viaterra team they immediately arranged to pick up of the gloves back to them and I was told the wear is not because of any manufacturing defect. But the team was kind enough to replace the gloves even when it was any defect from there part. The viaterra grid is an amazing product that is very comfortable to use. Also the team viaterra is always there to help you out in any issues.

  10. 5 out of 5

    Got my Viaterra Grid Full Gauntlet Gloves 2 months ago after a lot of research, These come with TOP Notch protection in the market, truly international standard gloves. I have found them very comfortable right from day one although I admit in many cases some break-in period might be needed for them to feel more comfortable. Quality is top class and no hassles using it day to day city and long rides, surprisingly very breathable compared to other full gauntlets in the market.
    Great job Viaterra, look forward to more such class-leading products!

  11. 5 out of 5

    srikanth jagdhane

    Hi Team.
    Thanks for your response. I have never doubted the quality of your products. Rating was not given on product , but on the price hike. However, I wasn’t aware about your Instagram handle. Will follow that first for latest updates.

    As we are in lockdown, I am in no hurry, but would like to purchase this glove once the batch is made available online. After usage, I will post the honest review. Seeing other people reviews and features it has got… I am sure it will meet my expectations. Can’t wait to get my hands on this gloves.

    Anyways, kudos for professional attitude and customer care. You can delete my previous review. Will keep it touch via emails for any queries before posting. Cheers!

    • Alex Joseph

      Hello Srikanth,

      Thank you for understanding. We will appreciate your honest review good or bad does not matter. There is always something to learn from each feedback. That’s the only way we know how to grow.

  12. 5 out of 5


    I am using viaterra grid- full gauntlet gloves from the day I purchased. It took 15- 20 days to break-in. The gloves are comfortable to wear after they broke-in. I use it for daily commute. I used them for 500kms tour once without any problems.
    These is a very good product and I will recommend everyone to use.

  13. 5 out of 5

    Ranjit Naik Nimbalkar

    This is my 5th ViaTerra product. Using different ViaTerra products since 2014. It is no doubt the fantastic Products & brand. Finishing & quality is top notch.
    This full gauntlet leather gloves show an mark of quality & innovation in all aspects. Specially Comming from an INDIAN BRAND makes me proud🇮🇳. I am yet to break into the gloves completely but as per my experience so far it’s an awasome product.
    The excellent customer service experience is just to add an cherry on top.
    5 star 👍👍👍✨

  14. 5 out of 5

    hemanth Raj

    The product is great and its a Viaterra standard. First, the pros of safety and features are the best in the price range.

    The finger mounted wiper came in handy in a short rainy trip, it worked better than I had thought, the fit and stitching are great.

    The cons, I find are the gloves don’t “hug” the fingertips as my old leather gloves used to, they feel roomy in the ends, My old gloves fit just right but also tore off on one of those ends, this could be a plus in the long run as they have mentioned, fingers crossed over here.

    I might be asking too much here but a zipper pouch would be a nice thing to have as a bundle, as this is a top of the line gloves of yours.

    I recommend these gloves, much better than the short cuff gloves, ideal for touring/track. Thankyou Viaterra for a great product.

    • Alex Joseph

      The finger length of an individual can vary from others. Unfortunately, we can only average out and try to cover as many as possible. But we cannot cater to 100% of the audience. But as compared to others in the market we have intentionally kept the fingers a bit longer to distribute the pressure point.

  15. 5 out of 5

    Surya Ram B

    Got my Viaterra Grid Full Gauntlet Gloves a month back after a lot of research. Truly international standard gloves. Very comfortable. Requires some time to break in. Quality is top class and no hassles using it day to day city and long rides, surprisingly very breathable compared to other full gauntlets in the market. Customer care support was awesome. They cater to your needs. Great work Viaterra!

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  4. A

    The Gloves are designed in India & Manufactured in Indonesia.

  5. Q Have any EMI option for HDFC bank..? answer now
    Asked by Rajesh Pandian on March 9, 2020 10:52 AM

    I am sorry, Currently we do not have EMI for HDFC

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