ViaTerra DryBag 40L - 100% Waterproof Motorcycle Tailbag (Universal)

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Introducing the ultimate solution for dry and protected motorcycle luggage - the DryBag series from ViaTerra. Say goodbye to the need for a liner or raincover and hello to 100% waterproof protection for your gear. No matter the weather, the triple layer waterproof fabric and ultrasonic seam welding technology will keep your belongings dry on even the wettest of rides.

Easily attach to your motorcycle using the included quick release bungee tiedowns, designed to work with almost all bike models. With a waterproof zippered roll top closure, the DryBags are fully storm proof for added peace of mind.

Available in two convenient sizes, 40L and 55L, these bags are the perfect choice for fly+ride trips, as they meet most airlines' cabin luggage dimensions. Say goodbye to worrying about wet gear and hello to a hassle-free ride, with the DryBag series from ViaTerra. Get yours today and ride with confidence in any kind of weather!

What's included with the product?

  • DryBag 40L – 1 no
  • Anchor straps – 1 pair
  • Detachable Backpack Straps – 1 pair
  • Detachable shoulder belt – 1 no

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ViaTerra DryBag 40L - 100% Waterproof Motorcycle Tailbag (Universal)

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Built to last:

  • 100% waterproof radio-frequency (RF) welded seams
  • Box stitched at all stress points for added reinforcement
  • Tough, tear-resistant webbing used all through


  • 3-layer laminated waterproof fabric
  • Internal gray/red color for better visibility of packed items

Original & authentic materials:

  • Heavy duty waterproof zippers
  • Bonded reflectives on all sides to improve visibility under low light conditions so that your safety is enhanced.
  • Fittings manufactured from virgin plastics rather than recycled plastics for optimized & long lasting performance

4 point anchoring system makes it a breeze to mount or unmount, and ensures bag stays in place even on bad roads.

Comes with 2 mounting straps (using a combination of webbing and flat bungee) - for quick release and easy on/ off from the bike.

No need for any additional stays/racks

Flexibility to carry in multiple ways

  • As a tote with the inbuilt carry handles
  • As a duffle with the detachable shoulder strap
  • As a backpack with the detachable backpack straps


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Capacity: ~40 liters

Weight: 1.4 kg

Fabric: 3-layer laminated waterproof fabric

Webbing: Tough, tear-resistant webbing used all through

Threads: Nylon thread for all stitching as it has a higher strength to linear density ratio (Tenacity) than polyester thread.

Zippers & Pullers: Heavy duty waterproof zippers

Visibility: Bonded reflectives on all sides

Fittings: Manufactured from virgin plastics rather than recycled plastics for optimized & long lasting performance

Please follow the below steps to make your bags last for a long time!

  1. Remove bags from the bike when not in use to avoid fabric fading
  2. Clean the surface regularly with a damp cloth and mild soap solution.
  3. Avoid using harsh chemicals, abrasive materials, or high heat to clean the bags.
  4. Allow to air dry thoroughly before storing.
  5. Store the bags in a dry and cool place when not in use.
  6. Avoid sharp or pointed objects that can puncture the fabric.
  7. Store the bags loosely and avoid over-stuffing to prevent stretching and warping as this will damage the coating and void the warranty.
  8. Keep the bags away from direct sunlight for extended periods to prevent fading and deterioration.
  9. Do not alter the product or get it repaired at an unauthorized repair centre as this will void the warranty.

Long edge: 52 cm
Wide edge: 30 cm
Height: 27 cm


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Yashwant Kumar
One of the Best Waterproof Tailbag!

I have purchased this tail bag for my North East ride. Where it have to go through all kinds of terrain and weather. It stands for its claim that it’s 100% waterproof because we have also experienced a continuous rain for about 6-7 hours which it survived without a single droplet getting side the bag.

Totally satisfied and recommend who is looking for a waterproof tail bag

Value for money and quality is awesome

I have used this bag on my RR310 for a long ride of 750 km single stretch on a sunny day , I had no issues with the bag , the straps which comes with the bag are sturdy and good , planning to get other products too . Thank you for the bag guys 👍🏻

Srikesh Kumar
SuperBag! Thats what I want to name it..!

I have been using this bag from quite sometime and frankly nothing suits better than this waterproof and well built bag which goes great on my 390 Adv. It has a great space which easily fits all my clothing, bike essentials and others during my rides and surprisingly still have ample space to push for little more. Its big, sits perfectly and no chance of sliding when it is tied properly on to the back. The reflectors works great suffice all your travel needs in a single bag. Kudos!

Karthik PK
A great companion for trips

I have been using this bag for past 4 months and ridden with with it for over 5000kms. The bag is truly waterproof, easy to use. The air vent provided in the bag is super helpful and very easy to mount on the bike

Truly waterproof and fits securely

Covered some 1,500 KM over a week with this drybag in tow, and I loved using it. I rode through pouring rain without having to worry about my clothes and gadgets getting wet - and didn't have to bother pulling out a rain cover in a downpour to protect my stuff.

I didn't ever have to think about the bag feeling imbalanced, thanks to the included tie-down straps. It did take a bit of getting used to, though - but once my experienced rider friends showed me how to properly secure the bag by tightening the straps, I was sorted. I also looped an additional Akro tie-down strap through the rings on the sides of the bag to fully the secure the bag.

This 40L size easily holds enough clothing, footwear, and gadgets (like a laptop, camera, chargers, etc.) for a 10-day journey. Given its design with a single large opening at the top, you'll want to use packing cubes so it's easy to pull out just the stuff you need instead of unpacking everything each time.

The bag materials and hardware feel solid, and i imagine it'll last a long while. While the straps are of good quality too, I imagine they'll wear out sooner over time, so I picked up an additional set that now lives at the bottom of this bag.

Really happy with this luggage. Looking forward to adding the 8L drybag to my collection.