QUICK MOUNT REAR RACK - Royal Enfield Himalayan 450

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Expand the luggage-carrying capacity of your RE Himalayan 450 with this rear rack from ViaTerra. It gives you the option to mounting anything using straps or bungees and provides more space for bigger bags. There are dedicated quick release slots available to pass-through the mounting straps of the ViaTerra POD Expanders for easier usage. It also has angled edges that improves bending resistance thereby preventing plate flex under loading conditions.

IMPORTANT NOTE - All Unbrako fasteners that are supplied in a black oxidized finish need to be covered with a thin coat of oil, especially after washing. You can also use WD40 instead of oil for this. This is to prevent the development of rust on the fasteners.

What's included with the product?

Rear rack – 1 nos All necessary Allen screws, spacers & washers included (refer to installation manual) 4mm allen key - 1 nos Loctite 243 threadlocker (0.5ml pack) included Note: OEM clip nuts are to be reused for mounting this product

Product Details

QUICK MOUNT REAR RACK - Royal Enfield Himalayan 450

₹ 2,699 MRP inclusive of all taxes


Large surface area

Pillion Friendly

Wide slots for easy use

Premium build and finish

Precision & Consistency

Best in class materials and components

No need to remove the stock pipe structure



Built to last: 

Precision laser cut in Mild Steel CNC bent for greater stuctural strength and accuracy Thick powder coated for maximum corrosion resistance Stainless steel fasteners for long life High strength polymer spacers 


Quick mount slots enable passing the mounting straps easily, resulting in hassle free bag installation. Large surface area provide proper support to the luggage.


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The rack is made from mild steel. 

High strength polymer spacers are used, for vibration damping. 

Stainless steel fasteners


We provide a 12 months warranty against defects in materials or craftsmanship if purchased directly from us or from an authorized dealer. For hard parts, minor scratches, nicks and anodizing marks which occur during regular manufacturing process are not covered under warranty. Please click here for details. 

Lifetime repair support 

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295mm x 242mm x 20mm


While tightening or loosening the fasteners, please ensure the Allen keys are fully and properly inserted in the slot and that the force is applied perpendicular to the fastener axis to avoid slippage. 


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