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A sidestand shoe is a must-have accessory for any motorcycle rider looking to improve stability while parked. Our specially designed and precision-crafted sidestand shoes from ViaTerra are made with high-quality materials and components to provide a larger footprint for your motorcycle. This wider base helps to spread the weight of the bike and prevent it from sinking into soft or uneven surfaces, making it ideal for riders who frequently explore new trails or embark on long tours. With a ViaTerra sidestand shoe, you can be sure your motorcycle will stay upright and stable, even on the most challenging surfaces.

Click here to download installation manual.

What's included with the product?

Sidestand shoe top plate – 1 nos

Sidestand shoe bottom plate – 1 nos

All necessary fasteners, spacers & washers included (refer to installation manual)

Loctite 243 threadlocker (0.5ml pack) included

3mm Allen key included

Product Details


₹ 1,499 MRP inclusive of all taxes


Extended footprint area

Better weight distribution

Specially designed to work on uneven surfaces

Optimal Ergonomics

Strong clamping of shoe

Longer thread life

Premium build and finish

Precision & Consistency

Includes all components needed for installation



Built to last:

  • All parts are made in SAE 304 stainless steel for high wear & corrosion resistance.
  • Loctite thread locker and spring washer are provided to prevent the screws from coming loose due to vibrations.
  • Stainless steel fittings for longer life.


  • Increases footprint area by over 2 times providing better weight distribution, thereby enhancing the stability of the bike on soft surfaces.


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54mm x 78mm x 9mm


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Michael Amos
Side stand extra

Great item to add to the x pulse works perfectly and well made unit

Devroop Mitra
Exceptionally useful mod

This is the best side stand expander there is and it is extremely hardy and durable. I installed it and went for a ride to Darjeeling. The ride involved bad roads and parking on loose and uneven surfaces. Thanks to the expander my bike and mounted luggage were always stable... The use of Loctite is sheer genius as the shoe is solidly mounted and has not gotten loose even a little bit. amazing product, guys!

Abhishek A S
Great level of precision!

Now i can stand my bike in most of all surface conditions without worrying.

Sturdy side stand shoe

Side stand shoe is made up of very strong rust free material and neatly machined with no burrs or sharp edges.
The 2 piece design helps to have greater depth of threads in the bottom half, this enhances rigidity after clamping with screws.
Neat package with shoe element, fasteners , allen key and loctite solution.
Functionally too good to keep your bikes stable on loose surfaces & Highly recommended product for motorcycle side stand.

Vishal K
Solid Sides

Been three months that I been using the side stand shoe & it's solid and going.

It's easy to install, suggestion before tighting all sides do adjust & ensure its fit in right.

It very lightly touches the chain when you pull/push the bike back but haven't noticed this happened always so that good news.

All in all, am happy to be using the show, as the extra width helps with the parking.

Good stuff guys 🤘