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Introducing the KTM Adventure Radiator Guard, designed specifically for KTM Adventure 250/390 motorcycles, known for their rugged off-road capabilities and long-distance touring prowess. This radiator guard serves a critical role in protecting the bike's radiator from debris, rocks, and other hazards that can potentially cause damage during your adventures on and off the road. The ViaTerra KTM Adventure radiator guard helps protect the oil cooler fins from day-to-day elements like pressure washing or flying debris during weekend trail hunts. All this without hindering the air flow which is critical to cool the engine. It seamlessly integrates with the bike's design, preserving its aesthetics while providing maximum protection.

IMPORTANT NOTE - All Unbrako fasteners that are supplied in a black oxidized finish need to be covered with a thin coat of oil, especially after washing. You can also use WD40 instead of oil for this. This is to prevent the development of rust on the fasteners.

what's included with the product?

Radiator guard – 1 nos All necessary fasteners, spacers & washers included

Product Details

RADIATOR GUARD – KTM Adventure 250/390

₹ 2,399 MRP inclusive of all taxes


Extended coverage

Better protection

Plug & Play design

Premium build and finish

Precision & Consistency



Built to last: 

Built with mild steel and powdercoated for long life. 


The ventilation was designed to ensure maximum air flow on the fins.


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All the parts are made in mild steel. 

Thick powder coating is used for maximum corrosion resistance.

Warranty - 

We provide a 12 months warranty against defects in materials or craftsmanship if purchased directly from us or from an authorized dealer. For hard parts, minor scratches, nicks and anodizing marks which occur during regular manufacturing process are not covered under warranty. Please click here for details. 

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496 X 215 X 1.6


While tightening or loosening the fasteners, please ensure the Allen keys are fully and properly inserted in the slot and that the force is applied perpendicular to the fastener axis to avoid slippage. 


Customer Reviews

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Dhruv Banerji
Decent part, bad bolts, no washers

The problem I have with all the Viaterra hard parts is the awful quality of the bolts supplied. They will strip easily if you apply decent torque and will be hard to remove later. They may also damage your bike by stripping the threads. Supplying good quality bolts is not a big ask and I was quite surprised at the low quality. Neither were any washers included and the colour of the bolts did not match the parts. The part itself is decent. You could buy the part and source your own bolts and washers, but that's not somethign one should have to do.

Manas Nigam
Must have

It's a must have product, if you want to save your radiator guard

santhosh L
Good one, Very good build Quality. Paint quality is good

Good one, Very good build Quality. Paint quality is good.