Munro Tailor Made - Street Mesh Motorcycle Riding Jacket

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Experience the ultimate in motorcycle riding gear with the Munro V2 - India's first fully tailor-made motorcycle riding jacket and pants. Made with top-of-the-line Cordura fabric, heavy-duty 3D mesh, YYK vislon zippers and pullers, and CE Level 2 armor with the widest coverage, the Munro V2 is built to withstand the rigors of the ride.

Off-the-shelf products may offer an "acceptable fit" for a wide range of people, but rarely provide a perfect fit for anyone. With the Munro V2, we are changing that reality by tailoring each jacket and pant to the unique measurements of each customer. Our process takes into consideration over 20 measurements across the jacket and pants. This information is used to modify and fine-tune the component panels, creating a riding jacket or pants that is tailored specifically to the individual customer's physical attributes.

In addition to the perfect fit, you can also customize the look of your riding gear with over 1000 possibilities to choose from. Whether you want to make a bold statement or prefer a more understated look, the Munro V2 offers endless options to make your gear truly your own.

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Munro Tailor Made - Street Mesh Motorcycle Riding Jacket

₹ 13,999 MRP inclusive of all taxes

100% Cordura shell

Ergonomics designed for riding position

SAS-TEC CE Level 2 Armours with maximum coverage

ViaTerra's proprietary FocusFit - Built for the ride

Optimal armour position that stays in place

CrossFlowTech for maximum ventilation

Best in class coverage with 180 pant connector

100% Waterproof mobile pocket

Zip cover for tank protection

Enhanced visibility with well placed reflectives

Original YKK™ zips for extra durability and smooth operation



1) Once you place your order for the Munro, our team will reach out to you to schedule a video call for the step-by-step measurement process.

To ensure that the measurements are taken correctly during the call, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure to use a flexible tape measure, like a tailor's tape, to take the measurements.
  • All measurements must be taken in the same units, whether it's centimeters or inches.
  • It is recommended to wear base layers while taking the measurements, to get the most accurate fit.
  • Avoid wearing anything bulky or thick, as this will affect the final measurements.
  • If possible, please have a family member or a friend assist you with taking the measurements.

2) We will use your measurements to tailor the component panels as per your physical attributes

3) We will share the final configuration including color & armour selection for your approval.

4) Post approval, the production process will begin and we will share the expected ship date.

 Please write to us on if you have any further queries or need clarifications.

Why SAS-TEC CE Level 2 Armour?

  • Made from Viscoelastic Foam with Memory effect i.e. after an impact or any kind of deformation the foam (protector) returns to its original shape quickly
  • Multi Impact Complaint - Unlike many other dampening materials (such as styrofoam (EPS), silicone or foam of inferior quality), SAS-TEC armours are multi impact compliant. So protectors keep full functional capability even when the same area is affected repeatedly with high pressure or impact.
  • Excellent Residual Forces - The CE-approved protectors of SAS-TEC remain up to 50 per cent below the legal values of the norm EN 1621.
  • Lightweight - Hard shell protectors or materials containing silicone are considerably more heavy which reduces the wearing comfort. The density of our SAS-TEC foam is about 280 g/l, hard shells in contrast have an average density of 1050 g/l.
  • Adaptive Absorption - The air which is embedded in the protector cells provoke a progressive absorption i.e. remains soft in case of slowly increasing forces, however when it comes to a fast heavy impact the resistance of the foam grows with increasing speed.
  • Quick Impulse response - Contrary to hard shell protectors, styrofoam damper or many other dampening materials, SAS-TEC visco-elastic foam reacts promptly and without any time delay even to minor impacts. The energy absorption goes almost linear, which keeps the impact forces to the human body at a low level.
  • Long product life - Some manufacturers of body protection only indicate a product life of two to three years for their articles, whereas SAS-TEC armour comes with a life expectancy of ten years.

Munro custom riding jacket is tailor made to your measurements and is not returnable or refundable.


Body armours/ protectors must always be removed before starting the washing process


For dirt and stains, clean with a soft-bristled brush and lukewarm water (DO NOT USE HOT WATER)

DO NOT allow your jacket to come in contact with solvents (do not use fabric softener!), fuel, or cleaning agents.

DO NOT use any kind of CHEMICAL or ALCOHOL-BASED product. For longer life of the fabric, we recommend hand washing the jacket using mild detergent

Do not place your jacket near, or come in contact with a direct heat source

Dry the jacket on a hanger away from direct sunlight where there is good ventilation.

Zippers need to be cleaned and lubricated regularly - you can use vaseline or candle wax


Make sure your jacket is completely dry before you store it on a hanger.

If stored wet or in a non-ventilated area as it allows mildew to grow on the fabric causing discoloration and damage

Do not store the jacket in air-tight plastic bags


We provide a 12 months warranty against defects in materials or craftsmanship if purchased directly from us or from an authorized dealer. Please click on Warranty policy and choose the relevant category for further details.

Lifetime repair support

Fabrics fade, zippers get stuck, plastic fittings break – a few things that could happen with usage. We believe in extending the life of our products so that we use lesser natural resources and you get more bang for your buck. Please write to us on if you require any help with repairs or have any questions! 


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
vinod kumar
Fantastic Custom Riding Jacket. I impressed.

I recently purchased a custom riding jacket from Viaterra, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase!

**Quality (5/5):**
The quality of this jacket is outstanding. From the robust materials to the impeccable craftsmanship, it's evident that Viaterra takes pride in delivering top-notch gear. The jacket feels durable and ready to withstand the challenges of the road.

**Fit (5/5):**
Getting the right fit in a riding jacket is crucial, and Viaterra nailed it. The jacket fits like a glove, providing both comfort and confidence during my rides. It's clear that they pay attention to the details to ensure a perfect fit.

**Design (5/5):**
The design of the jacket is well-thought-out. Every feature seems to serve a purpose, whether it's for functionality or style. I appreciate the attention to detail in the design, making it not only a practical piece but also a stylish one.

**Overall Experience (5/5):**
My experience with Viaterra has been fantastic. From the customization options to the excellent customer service, they've exceeded my expectations. The jacket arrived promptly, and it's evident that they care about delivering a premium product.

I highly recommend Viaterra for anyone in search of quality riding gear. This custom jacket has become an essential part of my riding gear collection, and I look forward to future purchases from this exceptional brand.

Happy riding!

Nitin Kumar
Light and fine fit

Looked for many options and brands in various stores. It was from a travel enthusiast, I discovered this brand and tried our Spencer at a store. When I could get Munro tailor fit and more designs I went with this. Lighter than Reynox jacket, fits better than many other brands out there at affordable price.

Shashank Sharma
Nice looking but misleading display pictures

Really liked the design of the jacket and fit of it. I have purchased mainly because of design than customised fit as I fit into standard sizes. Fit and finish of the product is top notch. I liked fit of jacket than trousers. My only suggestion are :
1. Kindly put current version of jacket ( which lacks graphics of previous version), trousers ( which lacks tank grip patches) in your website display pictures
2. It would have been great help if u make tie up with local tailors so that we can get right measurement. ( my friend always used to get varied values when he measured the requirements measurement twice 😅)
3. Provide the standard size option also so as we can get orders fast and with reduced price , as every one doesn’t require tailored fit

I own DSG race pro v2 and alpine star solano and still felt this is more nicer in quality of products used and minor details

K. G.
Custom Munro: Worth the time, effort and resources to get one

Got my made to order Munro Jacket and Pant in 2021. Have ridden about 10,000 kilometres since then. As the title indicates very happy with this suit. Have and still use Dianese and Revit gear as well. The material on those is a little superior to the touch, but this one is not far behind. This suit is definitely better for Indian warm weather conditions than my European gear. The Munro suit has held up well in all kinds of weather, has been easy to clean of accumulated road grime, connecting the jacket and pant are easy (with a bit of practice) and being able to option it with CE2 level protectors provides great peace of mind. The service was excellent, right from the trial pieces (yes, I'm aware that this does not happen anymore), to the video call to provide measurements (still happens). Being able to option the colours etc., was a nice touch of personalization.

I thought the fit and finish, for the price, was great. No real pain points, or hot spots, or even manufacturing defects (so a full 5 stars without reservation). If you're looking for made to order, made in India, and protective riding gear, give this a whirl. You would likely not be disappointed.


Hi friends,
Being my first jacket. I have looked into several other products, tried on. But I purchased this product in 2019 due to following reasons-
1. Tailored to fit individuals
2. Made in India
3. High quality materials
4. The features mentioned are 100%
5. The protectors are better ceritifed

Writing this review in 2023 with absolute satisfaction.
All features are notable on use and shows the ease a jacket can provide. The protectors are well placed. Materials construction, fit are the most favorite. Useable pockets. Breathability good on summer days too. Easy to maintain.

Customer service:
Mr. Ajinkya.
Was guided perfectly to get perfect fit. They make video calls to measure. Also send trial wear before confirming the final design.