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The Cycling Saddlebag is a versatile and essential accessory designed specifically for cycling enthusiasts who prioritize convenience and functionality. This sleek and durable saddlebag is ingeniously crafted to provide ample storage space for your cycling essentials while maintaining a streamlined and aerodynamic design.

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Cycling Saddle Bag

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Built to last: 

Triple stitch on all joints for improved strength Bar tacked at all stress points for added reinforcement Tough, tear-resistant polyester webbing used all through Nylon thread for all stitching as it has a higher strength to linear density ratio (Tenacity) than polyester thread. 


Soft plush interior lining in gray color for better visibility of packed items Original & authentic materials Heavy duty YKK™ (the world's best!) is used across our range - pullers, sliders & tape - for extra durability and smooth operation on all zips. You can check the underside of the slider for the embossed “YKK” logo. We use genuine 3M™ Scotchlite™, a pioneer in retroreflective technology based tapes that helps improve visibility under low light conditions so that your safety is enhanced. ISO certified fittings manufactured from virgin plastics rather than recycled plastics for optimized & long lasting performance


Molle loop based system for easy mounting & unmounting


If the Cycling Saddlebag does not meet your needs, we will assist you with a prompt refund. Please click here to know details. 


If you want to exchange the Cycling Saddlebag, you can pick any item(s) for an equivalent amount or pay the difference for a higher priced item. Please click here to know details.

Capacity: ~ 0.6L  

Weight: ~  

Zippers & Pullers: 

Only genuine YKK™ sliders and zipper tape is used in all our products. You can check the underside of the slider for the embossed “YKK” logo. Original 3M Reflectives: 

We use genuine 3M™ Scotchlite™ retro-reflective tapes (reflects light back to source with minimum scattering) that helps improve visibility under low light conditions so that your safety is enhanced. 


We source these from certified ISO vendors who manufacture from virgin plastics rather than recycled plastics for optimized performance. Webbing: 

Tough, tear-resistant polyester webbing used all through 


We use Nylon-6 thread in our products – this is much stronger than polyester thread.

1. Remove bags from the bike when not in use to avoid fabric fading 

2. Wipe clean with a damp cloth using mild soap & water 

3. Do not use any fabric stain removers, bleach or any chemicals for cleaning. 

4. If there are stains which you are not able to remove using a damp cloth, use a soft bristled brush soaked in a mild pH neutral soap and rinse off using cold water. Please note that using the brush could lead to piling which will not be covered under warranty. 

5. Allow to air dry thoroughly before storing in a shaded area 

6. Store away from the sun & other heat sources 

7. Dry-cleaning or machine washing or using a clothes dryers or hand/dhobi washing or soaking will void the warranty as this will damage the special coatings that the fabric has. 

8. Do not alter the product or get it repaired at an unauthorized repair center as this will void the warranty. 

9. When you are storing the bag, please do not fold, or roll or otherwise stuff the item into a smaller space/container as this will damage the coating and void the warranty.


We provide a 12 months warranty against defects in materials or craftsmanship if purchased directly from us or from an authorized dealer. Please click here for details. 

Lifetime repair support 

Fabrics fade, zippers get stuck, plastic fittings break – a few things that could happen with usage. We believe in extending the life of our products so that we use lesser natural resources and you get more bang for your buck. Please click here for details.

Dimensions Long edge: 21cm, Wide edge: 8cm, Height: 7cm


Customer Reviews

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Sudipto Roy
Very durable and affordable

This is my second saddle bag from Via Terra for my second bike. I love Via Terra products for their durability and price not to speak of excellent functionality.
They are much better than several fancy foreign brands being sold here at 4/5 times the price of this. Incidentally my bike is a Surly Long Haul Trucker and my panniet bags are Ortlieb. So I don't mind spending on a good product. But if an Indian brand is good at pocket friendly price I will always go for it. My other Via Terra bag is running for more than 5/6 years. Working flawlessly. The strap there is fixed in the middle. This one has it loose. It's okay if one runs it through the loop in the middle.
I use it for carrying a spare tube, a multi tool and three tyre levers. I wish this bag came in different sizes.
I also wish Via Terra would design more cycling focused products for us, particularly for bike packers.

Perfect for a roadie saddle

Found this awesome bag that perfectly suits my saddle. Why did I gave 4* then? Velcro that is used to attach the bag to saddle & seat post could have been stitched at ends, tends to loosen up.