ViaTerra Headlight Guard for Royal Enfield Himalayan - Clear Shield

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A unique and efficient headlight guard specifically designed for the RE Himalayan, featuring a convenient quick-release mechanism. This guard is made of clear material that effectively shields the headlight from debris while ensuring optimal lighting intensity and distribution. The clear lens is easy to remove and re-install, so that you can conveniently clean the headlight and lens, as necessary, to maintain an optimal throw of light at all times.

Click here to download installation manual.

IMPORTANT NOTE - All Unbrako fasteners that are supplied in a black oxidized finish need to be covered with a thin coat of oil, especially after washing. You can also use WD40 instead of oil for this. This is to prevent the development of rust on the fasteners.

what's included with the product

  • Acrylic Shield - 1 nos
  • Exoskeleton - 4 pcs
  • All necessary fasteners, spacers, grommets & washers included (refer to installation manual)

Product Details

ViaTerra Headlight Guard for Royal Enfield Himalayan - Clear Shield

₹ 1,699 MRP inclusive of all taxes

Quick Release clear guard

Modular & replaceable in parts if damaged

Aesthetics blend with the motorcycle





Built to last:

  • Precision laser cut in Mild Steel
  • CNC bent for greater stuctural strength and accuracy
  • Thick powder coated for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Stainless steel fasteners for long life
  • High strength acrylic is being used for maximum impact resistance.
  • High strength polymer spacers


  • The reinforcement ring provides structural rigidity.
  • Easy cleaning of headlights is made possible by the quick removal of acrylic.
  • For vibration damping, high strength polymer is used.




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  1. If you find it challenging to remove acrylic, lubricate the studs before removing the acrylic part.
  2. Do not try to pull the acrylic from the centre. Remove the grommet one by one as per shown in the video.


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180 x 180 x 110 mm


While tightening or loosening the fasteners, please ensure the Allen keys are fully and properly inserted in the slot and that the force is applied perpendicular to the fastener axis to avoid slippage. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Awesome Product

I have been using it since it's launched. It's really an awesome product and fulfilled my purpose and it's very robust and minimalistic design makes it look awesome on the motorcycle.

Cool ass looking product

The product is totally worth it. But for people who have changed their stock headlights, this product won't fit, you will have to do adjustments using feviquick and stuff.

Excellent product

It is very good product and it protect my bike headlight.

Raj Gupta
Best one for headlight protection

Best one for headlight protection

Nitin Digavalli
Not good... bad QC

Hello team viaterra, I have received good feedback on your product and hence I have ordered a headlight grill for bs6 himalayan... idk if it is just with my order but one of the spacers is not sitting in the bolt hole... Pic attached below... I hope you can do your QC a bit more properly... and as for me I don't trust your products to be as good and compatible as they are advertised to be

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your feedback, Nitin. We would like to clarify that at ViaTerra, we have a dedicated and thorough quality check team in place to ensure that every product we deliver meets the highest standards of quality and performance. While we maintain strict quality control measures for our products, it's possible that certain inconsistencies in fitment can arise due to variations in the welding on the motorcycle itself. These variations can occasionally affect the precise fit of certain accessories. To address the issue you're facing, we recommend checking your motorcycle for any welding inconsistencies that may be causing the spacer fitment problem. If the problem persists after checking for welding inconsistencies, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at Our team will work closely with you to explore potential solutions. Thank you for your understanding and patience.