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A sidestand shoe improves stability, especially when parking on softer surfaces where your bike would otherwise easily lean over. Our sidestand shoes are specifically designed and made with precision for different types of motorcycles using high quality materials and components. ViaTerra sidestand shoes provide a much larger footprint for your motorcycle, improving stability when parked on uneven or soft surfaces. It makes the side-stand base wider to spread the weight and prevent the bike from sinking into the ground. This is essential for riders exploring new trails or touring where they might encounter different types of surfaces.

Click here to download installation manual. 

IMPORTANT NOTE - All Unbrako fasteners that are supplied in a black oxidized finish need to be covered with a thin coat of oil, especially after washing. You can also use WD40 instead of oil for this. This is to prevent the development of rust on the fasteners.

what's included with the product?

Sidestand shoe top plate – 1 nos Sidestand shoe bottom plate – 1 nos All necessary fasteners, spacers & washers included (refer to installation manual) Loctite 243 threadlocker (0.5ml pack) included 3mm Allen key included

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Extended footprint area

Better weight distribution

Specially designed to work on uneven surfaces


Strong clamping of shoe

Longer thread life

Premium build and finish

Precision & Consistency

Best in class materials and components



Built to last: 

All parts are made in SAE 304 stainless steel for high wear & corrosion resistance. Loctite thread locker and spring washer are provided to prevent the screws from coming loose due to vibrations. Stainless steel fittings for longer life. 


Increases footprint area by over 2 times providing better weight distribution, thereby enhances stability of bike on soft surfaces.


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All shoe parts are made of SAE 304 stainless steel. 

All fittings are made of stainless steel.


We provide a 6 months warranty against defects in materials or craftsmanship if purchased directly from us or from an authorized dealer. For hard parts, minor scratches, nicks and anodizing marks which occur during regular manufacturing process are not covered under warranty. Please click here for details. 

Lifetime repair support 

We believe in extending the life of our products so that we use lesser natural resources and you get more bang for your buck. Degradation depends on environmental factors including exposure to moisture, sunlight/UV etc. If you need a part replaced or changed, please send us an email and we will help as best as we can. Please click here for details.

64mm x 78mm x 8mm


While tightening or loosening the fasteners, please ensure the Allen keys are fully and properly inserted in the slot and that the force is applied perpendicular to the fastener axis to avoid slippage. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Useful accessory!!

1. Great build quality feels heavy in the hand.
2. All the necessary tools provided in the box including loctite.
3. Very useful for Dominar owners as the side stand is short and sinks in the ground when surface is uneven or sandy. This solves that problem.
4. Also helps the bike stand more upright so that one can mount luggage easily and balance it evenly.

Sreejesh Krishnan
Jewellery like side stand extension

The side stand extension for Dominar by ViaTerra is like an ornament. I always try to keep it shiny. It feels so good and well made. I consider the the support we gets with the extended coverage as a bonus. The base plate is milled from a single piece aluminium I think.

Michel Ishac
Low quality screws

I had to replace all the screws provided as their quality was too low and can’t be tighten properly.

Hi Michel, this is surely not the kind of experience we'd like you to have. We have noted your input and would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused. We have always used quality material in our products & it happens to be an issue with this particular piece/batch. We're working on it though & would like to assure impeccable quality for your future purchases.

Vandit Mangukiya
Best side stand expander

Believe me you need this for new dominar. It is very much wide and better fit and finish than anyother side stand extendar in market. This will out last any other in market, too. You might think its at higher price. But you can save some money then buy this one. Totally worth it you will not regret.