How To Choose The Best Motorcycle Riding Gloves: A Practical Guide

Picture this: you're cruising down an open road on your motorcycle, the wind in your hair (or under your helmet, safety first!), and the thrill of the ride surging through your veins. But wait, you have sweaty palms, because there's something missing – the perfect pair of riding gloves!

Riding gloves are like the unsung heroes of your biking ensemble. They not only add flair to your look but also protect your hands from the elements and potential road hazards. In this practical guide, we'll walk you through the art of choosing the best riding gloves that suit your style and safety needs.

When you walk into a riding gear store (online or offline), the available options can be intimidating. It is difficult to understand why is there such a large variety and what works for you. Which is why, we put together this practical guide of motorcycle gloves for beginners, so that you can make sense of the options and decide on the perfect pair of gloves for your riding style.

Before we get into the art of choosing a pair for you, let us first see the different styles of riding gloves available in the market currently.


Different Types of Riding Gloves

Motorcycle riding gloves can be differentiated on the basis of the weather conditions it will be used in, and also the format of motorcycling you indulge yourself in.

1. Summer Sizzlers

When the sun is high, and the temperature is hotter than a jalapeño, you need gloves that keep your palms cool and comfortable. Look for gloves with breathable materials like mesh panels. These gloves offer a good grip and ventilation, making them perfect for those scorching summer rides. In most parts of India, we have summer for 9 months of the year. Which is why summer riding gloves often are the de facto choice for Indian bikers.

The ViaTerra Holeshot and Kruger are the perfect options for better airflow, heat dissipation and cooling. 

Check for: Perforations for improved airflow.

2. Cold Weather & Rain Champions

As the winter chill sets in, you don't want your fingers to feel like icicles.

Winter riding gloves are typically insulated and often waterproof. They're designed to keep your hands warm and cozy, even in the harshest conditions. Some even come with touchscreen-compatible fingertips so you can still answer calls without exposing your digits to the cold. Riding with numb hands is not just uncomfortable, but can be downright dangerous on longer rides.

If you are going to be riding in the incredible cold of North Indian winters or planning a Ladakh trip in the summer, the ViaTerra Tundra are the winter waterproof riding gloves you are looking for.

Check for: Thinsulate layer, visor wiper on glove finger and thickness of glove.

3. Off-Road Warriors

If you're more into off-road adventures, consider gloves designed specifically for dirt biking and motocross.

These gloves often have reinforced knuckle protection and extra padding to shield your hands from flying debris and impacts. Off-road gloves strike a balance between protection and flexibility, essential for tackling those challenging terrains.

For those who like to live life dirty, the ViaTerra Roost has you covered.

Check for: silicon panels for better grip, sweat wicking and airflow.

4. Touring Treasures

Long rides demand gloves that provide comfort and durability.

Touring gloves usually have extra padding to reduce hand fatigue, especially when covering long distances. They often come with features like adjustable wrist closures and touchscreen compatibility for added convenience during your epic journeys.

Tourers who don’t use gloves, complain about soreness and numbness of their hands. The easiest solution to eliminate this problem is using comfortable gloves. The ViaTerra Kruger and Tundra shine like beacons of hope for tourers. The former is perfect for hot weather touring, while the latter is great for the cold and rain.

Check for: finger protection, silicon panels for better grip, perforations for airflow, pre-curved fingers to help reduce fatigue.

5. Commuting Champions

We buy our motorcycles for a variety of reasons, but most of our kilometres are racked up in the confines of the urban commute. That daily office ride is after all going to fund your track days and mountain adventures!

Gloves for commuting need to provide protection, but also need to be quick to wear and remove. You will have multiple reasons to take your gloves on and off during your commute.

Full gauntlet vs short cuff gloves: Wearing full gauntlet gloves can get it a bit cumbersome. Which is why for commuting, short cuff gloves are generally preferred. The ViaTerra Holeshot and Shifter are the perfect companions for your breadwinning rides!

Check for: Perforations for airflow & palm protection.

6. Race Track

A specialised form of riding requires special gloves. On the race track speeds are significantly higher than what you would experience on the road while touring or commuting.

It is therefore essential to buy gloves which offer maximum protection for track usage. But protection is not all that you need. While having your bike leaned over to its limit, your grip on the throttle is delicate and inputs are precise; your gloves need to be able to translate that command from your brain to the tyres via the throttle for getting the perfect lap time.

The ViaTerra Grid is the perfect gloves to be worn while sitting on the grid, holding in your breath and waiting for the lights to go out and the race to begin!

Check for: gauntlet should cover till lower forearm, finger protection, wrist and knuckle protection and silicone grip panels.