If you ride a motorcycle regularly, chances are high that you already know the importance of motorcycle riding gear. But do you know that different seasons and weather conditions require different riding gear?

This is especially true if you live in areas where there is dramatic difference between temperatures in various seasons. For example, if you live in North India, the temperature fluctuates from a maximum of 48 degrees centigrade in the summer to a minimum of 0 degrees centigrade in the winter. Throw in a wet monsoon, and you have a heady cocktail of riding conditions to deal with.

The riding gear which is perfect for the summer, will be bone chillingly cold in the winter. And that brings us to understanding what kind of riding gear you need for various seasons!


Summer riding brings its own set of challenges with scorching temperatures and intense sun. To protect yourself from the sun, you need to have minimal exposure to direct sunlight, while at the same time have adequate ventilation to keep cool.

In peak summer, badly regulated heat management, can land the rider with a heatstroke and even a visit to the hospital. That is not how you want your motorcycle trip to end up!

For the summer keep these things in mind:

Mesh Riding Gear

Swap out the heavy winter gear for breathable mesh options. Jackets and pants with mesh panels offer excellent airflow without compromising safety. Look at Indian manufacturers of riding gear for the summer, as the global brands don’t design gear for the incredible heat we have here.

Hydration Pack

Staying hydrated is key! A hydration pack is a game-changer on longer rides, keeping you refreshed and focused. Along with the hydration pack, keep in mind that you need to take regular breaks to cool off. Both to get some chilled liquids inside you as well as dunking your body in water to keep cool.

Sun Protection

Don't forget sunscreen! Even under a helmet, your face and neck are susceptible to the sun's rays. Additionally, consider a tinted visor or sunglasses to shield your eyes. Keeping your vision cool goes a long way in reducing fatigue in the hot summer months.

Base Layers

This works for some riders more than others. But it is a worthwhile option to experiment with, if you intend to ride a lot in summer. Moisture wicking base layers help significantly in heat management for your body’s core.


Braving the cold on a motorcycle requires a different level of preparation and specialized gear to combat harsh conditions. Winter in the south of India might not be so difficult to deal with. But if you are planning to ride in the north or even visit the mountains in the summer, you will need good winter riding gear to keep you comfortable.

Heated Gear

An absolute game-changer! Heated jackets, gloves, and even pants are saviours in freezing temperatures, keeping you cozy throughout your ride. This is a bit of an extra investment for many riders in India, who will rarely face freezing temperatures. But if you can afford it, then why not!

Windproof Gear

Wind chill can make the cold unbearable. Windproof layers, especially in your riding jacket and pants, are a must to block the icy blasts. Temperatures which don’t feel so ‘bad’ while standing still, can get your teeth chattering at triple digit speeds.

Winter Liners

Quality winter liners can be extremely useful to supplement the thermal liners of your existing motorcycle riding gear. Thick woollen socks can be used with your regular riding boots to keep your feet nice and warm.

Winter Gloves

While you can manage your riding gear by using regular thermals inside your riding gear. Gloves are something which a lot of people forget. Winter gloves are essential to comfort and safety. Because controlling and handling your motorcycle is near impossible with numb hands.

Spring/ Autumn/ Monsoon

As the weather changes, hitting the road feels like a breath of fresh air. But don't let the comfortable ambient temperature fool you. Changing season requires a mix of gear to handle the unpredictable shifts while out on the road.

Textile Riding Jacket & Pants

Textile riding jackets are perfect to manage the changing weather conditions. Throw in a base layer and rain jacket and you are equipped to handle a range of temperatures the road throws at you.


Invest in gloves with a balance of warmth and flexibility. Look for waterproofing and grip features, protecting your hands from chilly mornings or sudden drizzles.

Layered Clothing

It's all about the layers. Thermal base layers beneath your riding gear and a versatile mid-layer jacket will keep you warm as the mercury dips. While at the same time it provides you the flexibility of removing layers as it gets warmer.

Fog-Resistant Visor

As temperatures fluctuate, foggy visors become a nuisance. Invest in a pin-lock system or an anti-fog spray to ensure clear vision during your rides. Having perfect visibility is a safety issue, and it is prudent to take this seriously.

All Seasons

Some gear is indispensable no matter the time of year.


Sturdy, ankle-supporting boots are a year-round necessity. Look for waterproof options to keep your feet dry and protected.


Long rides can be noisy, causing fatigue. Comfortable earplugs help reduce wind noise, preserving your hearing and focus. A lot of riders are unwilling to adopt this, but once you start using earplugs, it is difficult to go back.


We often mistake balaclavas as something to be used only in the cold. But cotton balaclavas are great for the summer to keep you cool and your helmet sweat free. For the winter, you would want balaclavas made with material like merino wool.

Whether it's the vibrancy of spring, the sweltering heat of summer, the wetness of the monsoon, the picturesque autumn, or the chill of winter, having the right gear ensures you can embrace the thrill of riding while staying safe and comfortable throughout the seasons.

It may seem financially daunting to invest in different riding gear for various seasons, yet it is extremely useful. As such, first buy riding gear which will serves the needs of the maximum time of the year for you. For this reason, in India, you will often see riders first purchasing summer riding gear, before looking at winter gear.

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Why is it important to have different motorcycle riding gear for each season?

Different seasons present varying weather conditions, and having specialized riding gear ensures comfort, safety, and protection throughout the year. Gear suitable for summer may not provide adequate warmth in winter or protection during the monsoon.

What type of riding gear is recommended for summer riding conditions?

In summer, breathable mesh riding gear is recommended to provide optimal airflow while offering protection. Additional items like a hydration pack, sun protection, and moisture-wicking base layers contribute to a comfortable and safe riding experience.

What are the essential gear components for winter riding?

Winter riding requires windproof layers, winter liners, and specialized winter gloves. These components help combat freezing temperatures, wind chill, and keep the rider warm and comfortable.

How can riders prepare for monsoon riding conditions?

Riders can opt for textile riding jackets and pants, layered clothing with thermal base layers if required, mid-layer jackets, and fog-resistant visors. These gear choices offer adaptability to the changing temperatures and unpredictable weather conditions during this season.

Are there any gear components that are essential for riding in any season?

Yes, some gear components are indispensable regardless of the season. These include sturdy, waterproof boots for year-round protection, earplugs to reduce wind noise during long rides, and balaclavas for both cooling in summer and warmth in winter. These items contribute to overall riding comfort and safety.