Riding gear is the bedrock of motorcycle safety and comfort. Riding jackets and pants are critical elements that protect riders from potential hazards while ensuring a comfortable experience.

Whether navigating urban streets, cruising open highways, or venturing off-road, selecting the right riding jacket and pants tailored to various conditions and styles is paramount.

Good quality riding gear costs a pretty penny and it is prudent to do your homework before purchasing. Ill-fitting or incorrect gear will be neither comfortable nor safe. And you will end up spending twice. Do not make this mistake which many new motorcyclists do.

Read on to know how to choose the perfect riding jackets and pants for you.

Different Types of Riding Jackets and Pants

Before we get into choosing gear for your needs, let us see what are the options available in the market.

Leather Jackets

Renowned for durability and abrasion resistance, leather jackets offer unparalleled protection.

They're favoured for their classic aesthetic and robust safety features that shield riders against road rash. Perforated leather is quite popular in warm weather countries like India. Leather riding jackets are generally more expensive.

Textile Jackets

Versatile and weatherproof, textile jackets offer a fusion of protection and adaptability.

With waterproof and breathable properties, they excel in diverse weather conditions and provide flexibility in terms of use. Textile jackets have gotten popular in the recent past thanks to vast improvement in the quality of synthetic textiles. This material gives you good abrasion protection and is generally cheaper than leather.

Mesh Jackets

Ideal for warmer climates, mesh jackets prioritize optimal airflow, keeping riders cool.

While less protective than leather or textile, they strike a balance between ventilation and safety. It can be near impossible to wear leather or fully covered textile jackets in Indian summers. Mesh jackets try to bridge this gap and provide reasonable protection and ventilation.

Mesh is any day better than leaving your leather jacket at home and going out for a ride in a t-shirt on a hot summer day!

Leather Pants

Known for their excellent protection, leather pants are sturdy and abrasion-resistant, making them suitable for aggressive riding or track use. However, they lack versatility in weather adaptation.

Textile Pants

Providing flexibility and comfort, textile pants offer weatherproofing and insulation, making them suitable for varying weather conditions and different riding styles. Nowadays, textile pants are the go-to for most motorcycle tourers.

Denim Riding Pants

The latest in motorcycle commuter wear. These riding specific denims are perfect for your regular commute, as they blend in with your overall ensemble. The downside is that they don’t provide as much protection and therefore cannot be used for serious form of touring or sport motorcycling.

How to Choose a Riding Jacket

Here’s a few things to keep in mind while finalising a riding jacket.


Consider the primary use and weather conditions. Leather offers superior protection but might not be ideal for warmer climates. Textile jackets offer versatility and adaptability to diverse weather conditions. Needless to say, textile jackets are getting a lot more popular than ever before.


Seek CE-rated armour at impact zones (elbows, shoulders, back) for enhanced protection. These areas of the human body are most delicate and/ or prone to damage in the event of a crash. Which is why good riding jackets have reinforced these regions with additional armour.


A snug yet comfortable fit ensures both protection and mobility. Look for jackets with adjustable sleeves and waist for a tailored fit. We often tend to buy regular jackets which are slightly oversized, because of the comfort. But with motorcycling jackets, this doesn’t apply. A loose jacket will not provide adequate protection in a crash, since it will move around on your body, as you slide along the asphalt.


Jackets equipped with mesh panels or adjustable vents provide optimal airflow, crucial for hot climates. Possibly one of the most important aspects for Indian motorcyclists. This is where Indian brand jackets score over their international counterparts, as the former are designed keeping our hot weather conditions in mind.


Prioritize jackets with reflective elements or high-visibility colours to improve visibility on the road, enhancing safety. You never know where and when that extra bit of visibility will help keep you safer on the road.

How to Choose Riding Pants

Points to consider when buying a pair of motorcycle riding pants:


Ensure pants have reinforced areas at critical impact points such as hips and knees for enhanced protection.


Opt for a comfortable fit with adjustable closures at the waist and legs for a tailored feel.

Weather Adaptability

Consider pants with removable liners for adaptability to different climates. It will help you not feeling like a sauna in summer and a freezer in winter.


Look for stretch panels or accordion-style zones for ease of movement, crucial for comfortable riding. Not having sufficient movement will drastically hamper your riding capability, which is a safety hazard.


Similar to jackets, pants with reflective elements significantly boost visibility, especially in low-light conditions.

Best Riding Jackets for Different Weather Conditions 

Hot Weather

Mesh jackets offer ample ventilation, ensuring breathability and airflow to keep riders cool. The larger the mesh panels, the more the airflow. Keep in mind, that mesh does not provide as much protection as textile. So, it needs to be a good balance between the two.

Cold Weather

Textile jackets with thermal liners provide insulation and weatherproofing for colder climates. Also consider having a pair of rain gear to be worn over your riding gear, if you expect prolonged wet riding conditions.

Best Riding Pants for Different Riding Styles 


Textile pants equipped with multiple pockets and durable construction, offer weather versatility and storage.

Sport Riding

Leather pants with reinforced knee and hip areas provide superior protection and flexibility, ideal for aggressive riding.

To conclude, the selection of riding jackets and pants depends on various factors like material, fit, protection, and adaptability to different weather conditions and riding styles. ViaTerra offers a range of options in terms of fit, style and riding preference.

You should consider preferences, riding habits, and the desired level of protection and comfort when making your choice. Most importantly, don’t try to save a few pennies, if possible. Your safety is worth significantly more.

User Review:

Harsh from Kalyan shares his experience of using the ViaTerra Austin Riding Jeans: “I have been using riding gear for many years on my motorcycle rides. But I noticed, that most of the time, my riding pants would be used only for long rides. For all other purposes it used to be left at home, while I would go out with no protection for my legs. So, I chose to invest in riding jeans, the Austin denims by ViaTerra are great. As they blend into your everyday wear, while at the same time offering protection on my daily rides.


Why is choosing the right riding jacket and pants important for motorcyclists?

Ans: Riding jackets and pants are crucial for the safety and comfort of motorcyclists. They serve as protective gear against potential hazards, offering insulation against weather conditions and ensuring a comfortable riding experience.

What are the different types of riding jackets available, and how do they differ in terms of material and protection?

Ans: There are various types of riding jackets, including leather, textile, and mesh. Leather jackets provide superior protection, textile jackets offer versatility, and mesh jackets prioritize airflow in warmer climates.

What factors should be considered when choosing a riding jacket?

Ans: When choosing a riding jacket, consider factors such as the material suitable for weather conditions, the presence of CE-rated armour for impact protection, a snug yet comfortable fit, ventilation for airflow, and visibility features like reflective elements.

What are the key considerations for selecting motorcycle riding pants?

Ans: When buying riding pants, consider factors like reinforced protection at critical impact points, a comfortable and adjustable fit, adaptability to different weather conditions, flexibility for ease of movement, and visibility-enhancing features.

Which riding gear is suitable for hot weather conditions?

Ans: Mesh jackets are ideal for hot weather conditions as they provide ample ventilation, ensuring breathability and airflow to keep riders cool. However, it's crucial to find a balance between airflow and protection, considering that mesh may not provide as much protection as textile or leather.