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ViaTerra Gear is the best Indian motorcycle gear brand in my opinion. I’ve been using the Hammerhead 45 for over a year now and on multiple rides it’s been the only bag I carry. Even stuffed to the brim it doesn’t lose its shape and remains aesthetically pleasing. The waterproofing is a boon as well, although I do mostly use it with the included raincover to keep it safe from being blessed in mud by the rear wheel. The straps are great as well, although I’ve recently switched to ROK straps which elevate the experience further. In conclusion I’d like to note that even though newer offerings are now in the market from other brands, I plan to stick to the Hammerhead!

Sourajyoti Baksi

Marvelous design!!!

I had to call up all viaterra distributors across Bengaluru to find the one that had hammerhead in stock(it’s been out of stock for a while now) totally worth it.I was initially skeptical about its mounting system(I’m used to the snug bungee cords) this thing is solid! Mounted it on top of dominar 400’s backrack and it’s as stable as a rock!
Eagerly waiting for the new version!!!

chandra soodan

Best Customer Support

Before stating anything about the product, I would like to share my experience with Viaterra.
I ordered the Headlight Guard and Side stand shoe together. Unfortunately, when I received the delivery, my Side Stand shoe was missing from the packet. I immediately contacted Viaterra over email, and they responded swiftly. I was asked to make a video of the package and send them. I did. The next thing I know, they shipped me a fresh piece, all within 24hrs of mailing them.

Now coming to the product. It’s a very thoughtful design. There is enough space to adjust as per your side stand design. The quality is great as usual. They also provide loctite and an allen key.

Nadir Tabdar

Highest level of protection.

The pair of Grid was a gift for me and I have the old-gen gloves. Before purchasing, I searched for a good pair of full gauntlets and I came across several. Unsurprisingly, Grid stole my heart as other ViaTerra products have done before. My initial feeling when I first received the pair was that of full-on warfare protection. The gloves literally feel like combat apparel and that one can kill with it! Tried and tested on several occasions a different kind of riding and the pair has been unflinching by all that the road had to offer. Adequate protection and immaculately detailed features are the best parts of the gloves. It instantly gives a feeling of cocooned protection to your hands. Bit jealous of the new design but that’s okay. The next time it will be all fluorescent for me. As always, ViaTerra was, is and always will be the highest and most recommended brand by Pritam Mukherjee, not just for the products but for the people running the show behind too!

Pritam Mukherjee

Premium Quality.

Got the pants few days back, first thing I noticed is the premium quality of this Rain pants, never thought this would be as premium as any international Brands such as Komine or Revit which cost a Bomb, this rain pants made me feel Iam wearing a premium quality Race suit and the stitching is so good that this is definitely going to last many seasons. Just a small feedback they should give a Velcro or some adjustment options at pants ankle width so that it can be adjusted as per your preference.

Sarat Chakraborty