Buying motorcycle riding gear is a complicated process. Because it needs to be safe, comfortable, protect you and fit your budget. Juggling all these requirements can be challenging and finalising your riding gear even more so.

Most good riding gear have the basics in place. All your essential requirements are covered in products from known brands.

But the discerning motorcyclist isn’t just happy with basic features. They look for features which are going to make their life better on the saddle in the long run. Which is why we put together this article for you to know what to look for in your riding gear, where the cream rises to the top.

The Basics

Before we go into the finer features, make sure that the basics are covered by the riding gear you plan to purchase. These are essential and non-negotiable:

  1. Material that will not tear due to abrasion
  2. Armour inserts in all the points of contact in case of a crash
  3. Fit and comfort

If riding jackets or pants do not meet the very basic requirements mentioned above, then avoid them, no matter what other features they offer.

Essential Features of Premium Riding Gear

Once the basics have been covered see which of these (if not all) are available in the riding jacket and pants that you are planning on purchasing.

CE Certified Armour

Make sure the riding jacket and pants you are buying has armour which is CE Certified. Cheaper riding gear often use armour which is not certified and there is no guarantee of quality as such. The protection provided by such armour can be severely lacking.

Armour Placement

The armour needs to be placed on all contact points in a crash. These include shoulders, elbows, spine and chest protector in your riding jacket. The latter is often not found in cheaper jacket options.

In your riding pants, the armour should be on the hips and knees.

Abrasion and Tear Resistant Fabric

If your riding jacket is made of leather then great. But for textile jackets ensure that the riding gear is using top quality fabric. For example, 600D polyester woven fabric provides adequate protection in a crash.


When living and riding in a hot country like India, this becomes a major factor to keep in mind. Usage of mesh should be sufficient to allow breathability and cooling off the rider’s body. At the same time, the mesh should not be placed on impact zones. Less mesh placed in the appropriate zones is far more effective than a lot of mesh placed in the incorrect spots of your jacket and pants.

Stretch Panels

Top-notch riding gear from various brands have one thing in common, it strives to make the rider comfortable on those longer journeys. To attain this, good quality riding gear uses stretch panels in certain zones like the elbow, back, crotch and knee.

Cheaper riding gear will not have this, and therefore it tends to bunch up in these zones and it can get annoying on your longer rides.

Pre-curved Arms and Legs

This is a boon in today’s day and age for riding gear, including gloves, jackets and pants. Earlier riding gear would have a straight cut, which made your body constantly fight the fabric to curve it to your natural shape.

With pre-curved arms and legs, this gets taken care of. You can now relax and let your muscles also relax, which leads to less fatigue during a long ride.

Waist and Arm Adjustment Straps

Everybody is a different shape and size. Even after getting the correct sized riding gear, you still need to fine tune it.

Getting a perfect fit is essential, both for your safety and comfort. Having adjustment straps on the waist and elbow region help you fit the jacket perfectly to your upper body. While the waist and knee straps help keeping the armour in place in your riding pants.

Wrist adjusters on your jacket and ankle adjusters on the pants go a long way in getting a great fit at your body’s extremities.

Jackets and Pants suited to each other!

If you are buying same brand jacket and pants, then ensure that they can be connected to each other with a zipper on the waist.

Having this feature on your riding gear allows the set of riding gear to act like a single unit. You won’t have the problem of your jacket riding up your back and cause abrasion on the lumbar region.

Smart Storage Solution

This is an often overlooked, but most used feature. You are always going to use the pockets on your riding jacket and pants. Having smartly designed pockets and zippers helps with ingress and egress, even when you are wearing riding gloves. This makes life so much easier when you need to pull out your phone or wallet. Be careful of substandard zippers which roll down gradually with the vibrations of the motorcycle.

Some jackets also are available with waterproof pockets for storing important things like your wallet and phone. This is another excellent feature to have in your jacket.

Moisture Wicking Inner Liner

We all sweat. And when wearing heavy riding gear, we tend to sweat more. Gear which soaks in all the sweat can make you uncomfortable and cause rashes after prolonged use. Look for riding gear which uses moisture wicking inner liners. This will help you stay drier for longer.

Low Light Visibility

A motorcycle is much less visible compared to its 4-wheeled counterparts. Having that added bit of visibility can greatly increase your overall safety levels.

Look for riding jackets and pants which have smartly integrated reflective strips in appropriate places of the gear.

Soft Edges

Having soft edges on the extremities of the jacket is a must-have feature. The soft edges on the neck and wrists make the rider feel so much more comfortable, rather than the rough textile material which cause sore skin in places where there is constant contact.

These soft edges can extend to the front of the jacket as well, to help you protect not just yourself. But also, the paint on the tank of your motorcycle.

Elevating the Ride

Elevating your motorcycle ride isn’t just about grabbing the throttle; it’s about the gear that accompanies you on the journey.

Embracing these extraordinary features in high-quality jackets and pants isn’t just an upgrade - it’s a leap forward in safety, comfort, and style. As the road beckons, these features stand as the vanguards of your riding experience, ensuring every twist, turn, and stretch of open road is met with unparalleled protection and unparalleled style. ViaTerra riding gear provides world class features to elevate your riding experience.

User Review:

Ambrish from Kochi shares his experience of going for the premium ViaTerra Munro which was tailor made for him: “I have always had sizing issues with my motorcycle riding gear. I have tried riding gear from some top global brands, but it never fit perfectly. My search ended with the custom fit Munro. The ViaTerra team helped me get my measurements thoroughly, before constructing the jacket and shipping it to me. And now for the first time, I feel that I am wearing MY jacket and not a borrowed jacket.”


What are the non-negotiable basics one should ensure when purchasing motorcycle riding gear?

The basics include ensuring that the riding gear has materials resistant to abrasion, armour inserts at crucial points, and a comfortable fit. If these basics are not met, it's advisable to avoid the gear, regardless of other features.

Why is CE-certified armour important in riding jackets and pants?

CE certification ensures a standardized level of quality and protection in the armour used. Cheaper alternatives might lack in providing adequate protection, making CE-certified armour a crucial feature in premium riding gear.

What role do stretch panels play in top-notch riding gear?

Stretch panels, commonly found in high-quality riding gear, enhance rider comfort on longer journeys. These panels, strategically placed in areas like elbows, back, crotch, and knees, prevent bunching up, providing a smoother and more enjoyable riding experience.

Why is the connection feature between jackets and pants important in riding gear?

If both the jacket and pants are from the same brand, having a zipper connection on the waist ensures they can be joined together. This feature prevents the jacket from riding up the back during a ride, reducing the risk of abrasion on the lumbar region.

Why are moisture-wicking inner liners important in riding gear?

Moisture-wicking inner liners in riding gear help manage sweat, preventing discomfort and rashes during prolonged use. These liners keep the rider drier for longer periods, enhancing overall comfort during rides.