User Review: ViaTerra Wolf saddlebags for Pulsars

From time to time, we’ll bring you reviews penned down by some of our customers which may help you decide which products to go for, and which will definitely help us improve based on these real-life experiences. Here’s a user review of the ViaTerra Wolf saddlebags written by Arvind Ramakumar from Bangalore.

Had an amazing time last weekend. Nearly three days of proper corners, gravel, mountain climbing, trail hunting, beach riding, belting the highways and finally riding in the rain. All that totaled to one heck of a ride.

This was the first time I had my ViaTerra Wolf saddlebags with me, and what a piece of luggage it is! It’s absolutely versatile in every manner. I had always thought that mounting heavy Claws or saddle bags onto the tail is not the way to go, especially after the experience I have had with them already. But with the Wolf, my perception towards saddle bags completely flipped.


On each saddle you have one strap which hooks onto the grab rail, a long D-ring strap which runs across the rear seat, another D-ring strap attached the foot peg assembly and next is the best little thing, a small sleeve which slips onto the footpeg flap. It fits perfectly on our bike, probably the first custom-made accessory in India for the Bajaj Pulsar 200NS which will also fit on the 150AS and 200AS.

And guess what, it works great as a single sided saddle too! So this helps a lot when you’re riding for just a couple of days or even on intercity rides. Mounting it is only a 2 minute job, so every time you stop and go into a restaurant or something, you don’t have the worry about losing your belongings. Take it off, have a peaceful time, come back, mount it and leave.


Total storage of both the saddles is enough for a 10 day ride. The main compartment has more than enough space with a small zipper pouch inside it. No matter what kind of terrain you ride on, you can always be sure that your belongings are in the same place you put them. A medium-sized zipper compartment on the outside can hold all items which you use on a regular basis.

At the rear of the saddle is a pouch which holds your water bottle. It’s got a clip to keep the bottle from popping out. Because it has a clip, it becomes quite hard to fit in even a liter of bottle. It still does the job, but I would have preferred those elastic fastening string locks, makes it much easier.


This is the best factor about this bag and is the most important in any. Trust me on this, riding with these saddles is as good as riding without any luggage at all. It is very well-balanced, mainly because of the design and the way it mounts onto the tail section.

I was riding with a few buddies of mine and they kept telling me that it was stable in every condition, which included quick corners, 20 kms of off-roading, mountain climbing and a lot of unexpected speed breakers and potholes. Throughout the ride I was checking on the saddles thinking if I’d dropped them somewhere. They feel very light, so much so that you’ll forget you have them on.

Water Proofing:

Did ride through rain for a short while which was not a big deal. The rain cover did its job here. But we crossed quite a lot of huge puddles while riding through Badra tiger reserve. Purposefully splashed into a few and the saddles did get a lot of brown stains on them, but were off with a simple wipe after it had dried, and no water had entered the bags, even without the rain cover.

So dust is not at all an issue. If a wet stain can vanish, then so can dust. The liner is an easy fit with a simple Velcro strap to keep it on during wind blasts. And also once the liner is on, you don’t have to keep taking it off to access your belongings. You can just flip the top part of the liner, access all the saddle compartments and cover it again.

The little things:

For safety, it comes with 3M Scotchlite reflective tapes on either side and the rear. Storing it at home is amazing. Like other bags, this doesn’t end up being a huge box once emptied. It becomes flat and is easy to store. Looks wise, probably the best looking saddle bag I’ve seen around, if you’re bothered about such a thing. About the scratches on the bike, it does cause a few but very minimum, this shouldn’t bother any of you seasoned tourers.


Advantages: Safe and easy to mounting, ample storage space, stability, ergonomically designed, multi-utility.

Disadvantages: Bottle holder difficult to use, not comfortable with a pillion.

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