Founder and CEO, Suki is the brains and hands behind ViaTerra. He has been instrumental in spearheading the growth of the company and in expanding the product portfolio. Apart from managing each function, he leads product development - right from ideation to production.

Suki has an engineering degree from KREC Surathkal (now NIT Karnataka) and an MBA from IIM Indore. Before transforming his passion into reality through ViaTerra, he spent 6 years in varied corporate roles with VIP Industries, Heinz India, and Naandi Water.

Suki has been passionate about biking since he was a four year old getting his hands greasy while his dad rebuilt a Yezdi. Incidentally, that was the first bike he rode. He has taken part in the Raid-de-Himalaya for four straight years, picking up a trophy for finishing 3rd in Group C in 2007. He also moonlighted as a marshal at the UAE Desert Challenge in 2007 just to meet Sainz, de Villiers and Coma. Apart from rallying, he also loves to take off on cross-country road trips. His favourite possession is his Jawa, which he proudly proclaims is older than him.

He dreams of changing the way people perceive road travel, and envisions ViaTerra as the harbinger of that.

Suki is on LinkedIn.