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4.78 out of 5


A spacious, tough, magnetic tankbag that easily converts into a backpack, and fits universally on all metal fuel tanks (comes with a rain cover)

Note: Plastic fittings and colour of the raincovers may change without prior notice

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Constructed from EVA laminated fabric and with PP support to retain shape, the Fly tankbag is spacious, durable and easily converts into a backpack or a tailbag. The magnet based system has been designed to work on metal tanks and comes with an external rain/ dust cover. 

Designed for:

All motorcycles with metal tanks

  • Royal Enfield Himalayan, Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 350, Royal Enfield Meteor 350, Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 500, Royal Enfield Meteor 350, Royal Enfield Interceptor/GT 650
  • Bajaj Dominar 250, Bajaj Dominar 400, Bajaj  NS 200, Bajaj Avenger
  • KTM ADV 250, KTM ADV 390
  • Honda H’Ness CB 350, Honda Hornet 2.0, Honda CB200X
  • Yamaha FZ 25
  • Kawasaki Versys 650  
  • Suzuki Gixxer SF150

If you would like to check suitability for your specific bike model, drop us an email on or post on the Q&A and we will get back to you in 24-48 hours. 


  • Main compartment with wide top U-opening for easy packing and access
  • Large No 8 zipper which is easy to grab and operate for opening & closing of the main compartment with riding gloves
  • 5 number X 4 compound NIB (Neodymium Iron Boron) rare earth magnets for stronger hold on any tank shape
  • 2 side pockets to keep wallet, snacks, powerbank or other flat items etc.
  • 1 outside transparent pocket to keep the phone for GPS directions – ​​works even with the raincover 
  • Use the cable inlet to charge mobile directly when stored in the transparent top pocket
  • 1 inside mesh top pocket to keep Bike papers, documents, memory cards, keys, or other small items
  • Outer EBC net for holding gloves when not in use
  • Hassle-free conversion to a backpack with inbuilt hidden straps and a top grab handle for effortless movement off the bike
  • Reinforced sides and top flap with tough plastic sheet to maintain shape of the bag – this can be easily inserted/removed 
  • Original 3M Reflectosafe tape on rear, sides and raincover for added visibility in low light conditions
  • Faux leather at the bottom of the bag to reduce the incidence of scratches on the tank
  • Seam-sealed raincover with clear plastic panel so you can continue to use your phone with the raincover. Also has a reflective sticker for additional visibility.

Materials & Durability:

  • Tough high-denier fabric exterior for extreme durability
  • Soft plush interior lining in gray color for better visibility of packed items
  • Triple stitch on all joints for improved strength
  • Foam padding with a reinforced plastic base for better shape retention
  • Original heavy duty YKK pullers, sliders & zipper tape for extra durability and smooth operation on all zips
  • Original 3MTM ScotchliteTM reflective tape for long lasting visibility in low light conditions
  • Tough, tear-resistant polyester webbing used all through
  • Bar tacked at all stress points for added reinforcement


  • Magnet based anchoring system with 5 sets of compound rare earth magnets for better stress distribution


  • Capacity 18 liters
  • Weight 1.1 kg
  • Dimensions Long edge: 43 cm, Wide edge: 29 cm, Height: 21 cm
  • Tough, tear resistant 1200D x 1200D outer fabric with PVC coating
  • 300D x 300D ripstop fabric with PU coating
  • 150D x 150D inner lining
  • 68D x 68D raincover fabric 
  • YKKTM pullers, YKKTM sliders and YKKTM zipper chain
  • 5 number X 4 compound NIB (Neodymium Iron Boron) rare earth magnets
  • 3MTM ScotchliteTM 8906 silver fabric trim reflective tape (RA=500 cd/lux/m2)
  • Fittings from an ISO 9001 certified vendor


  • Fly tank bag – 1 nos
  • Set of mounting straps – 1 front mounting strap, 2 rear mounting straps with quick-release system.
  • External Raincover – 1 nos
  • Black plastic sheets – 2 nos



  • We offer a 1 year warranty against material or workmanship defects. Please read our warranty policy for more details.


ViaTerra products are built to last and we would love for you to use them for a really long time. In case of an unfortunate fall or incident (like a rat chewing a corner – yes, it happened!), we are happy to repair/ replace the damaged parts at a reasonable charge. Click here to learn more about our repair support.

9 reviews for FLY MAGNETIC – Tank Bag

  1. 5 out of 5


    In short – Very thoughtful and worth every penny.. Despite my sincere itch, I don’t have a chance to get new one.. Because even after 6 years of rugged use, it’s just going and going..

    While getting my first ever tank bag, researched a lot and got this one.. I ended my search for luggage forever on Via terra.. One can see every minute detail done after thorough thought process (Even the brand name – Via terra – Didn’t know meaning till I read here)..

    Angles of two side pockets doesn’t inconvenience to fully steer.. Transparent pouch makes any instrument put therein real smart (like smartphone..!) Handy place to keep documents and show them, if at all cops bother you.. Mesh pocket inside to hold my gadgets.. Ample storage space..

    Coming to quality, fabric is real good.. Can’t say anything technical, but not a single thread is out-of-place after long use.. All stiches are holding tightly.. Zips never bothered me.. Faux leather at bottom is smooth.. As I pack very light, never needed anything except this bag.. I just hoped every time if magnets could attract some beauties..

    A little suggestion though – Could you place something to divide inner compartment so as to manage luggage more easily..? Can’t find anything if I made a mess in that room..

  2. 5 out of 5


    Review – ViaTerra Fly Magnetic Tank Bag

    Bike: Honda CBR 250R

    I got from Orion Motors Gear shop from Blore, one of ViaTerra’s trusted dealers and I am happy to say that the shop owner responded very well when asked to send the bag immediately in 1 day time.

    So I got the bag to Chennai on the day I wanted.

    So coming to the tank bag’s review:

    *The 4 magnets are very strong even at high speeds. I traveled at 140kmph on the highways. It was sitting very well without any slippage or leaning. I carried around 7-8 kgs to add more information.

    * The zippers quality are also shown well here. So they are smooth and hence not frustarte the rider when accessing frequently.

    There are a lot of +ves that other riders have mentioned in other reviews.

    So coming to -ves from my end

    * The backpack strap can be added with more cushioning material. When the bag is a bit heavy I felt like that it needs cushioning

    * The side pockets / compartment is very narrowed when placed on the tank. So I faced difficulty when accessing the things I kept there. Especially with the gloves in my hand it was just adding to the difficultly.

    * A separate water bottle compartment on the outside with some sort of a buckle mechanism for locking it down is appreciated. Just saying a suggestion.

    In the end I really like the product. Just saying these things to develop the product.

    Thank you ViaTerra.

    Sathish Kumaar,

  3. 5 out of 5


    Another beautiful product from Viaterra , designed in such a way that , it hold firm even at high speed in highways. And bag is well spacious and can be used as back bag too. Zippers are top notch quality .And the bag has reflective stickers all around which is very much useful during night rides.
    One small suggestion is that , front transparent pouch can be given in such a way that it can hold 5.5inch phone when kept vertically , with current design we need to keep the phone horizontally.

  4. 5 out of 5


    very good quality product, transparent & mobile screen touch sensitive cover is very useful during rain

  5. 5 out of 5


    Review of the ViaTerra Fly Magnetic Version 3 (Current New Iteration)

    Order No. #30272
    Bike: Honda CBR 250 R

    As already discussed on call last week with the friendly and approachable customer support team with ViaTerra, I am making a record of my experience here as well so that fellow bikers can read the same and gain some knowledge in making a decision.

    First of all I would like to say that the new iteration of the Fly Magnetic Tank Bag (Version 3) is improved both in terms of looks and in features as well.

    Some of the distinctive features are:
    * The shape is retained very well on various loads since they have a given an plastic flexing support structure that we can remove as well. The earlier versions didn’t have this.

    * The magnetic base is now more strengthed since there is another 5th magnet thats added in the centre as well. Earlier versions had 4 magnets at the corners alone which caused the bag to move a bit more when we hit speed bumps. Now also the fwd movement of the bag is there, but reduced much thanks to the central 5th magnet.

    * The reflective areas are also improved. There are more reflective areas both in the bag and also the rain cover as well. So low light visibility is improved over tbe earlier models.

    Specific Points that impressed me with ViaTerra Fly over the competition models from brands such as Rynox Magnapod tank bag.

    * Minimalistic Design

    * Zippers quality is better. Rynox had a large zipper like we used to see in fancy school bags to hold the shoulder straps that I didn’t like at all to use. It kept getting stuck. So i preferred the rather simple design ViaTerra Fly. Upon my experience in different riding gears simple stuffs mostly work better.

    * The inside compartment quality of the fabric also I liked ViaTerras better to touch and feel of using it, be it the zippers or the mesh lining, etc.

    * Now ViaTerra Fly also comes with the external elastic tie strings to hold any gloves or other quick access items in a short inter ride break. Not to be stored while riding for obvious reasons. So now In this area as well ViaTerra has matched the competition.

    * Caution while using the tank bag in clip on sport tourer models like CBR, Ninja and all.

    – the big is quite big and thus can cause some interference while riding, the bag can lurch fwd over a bump and can come in the way while trying to take tight turns, and can potentially switch on/off any switch gears as well. This happened to me with the aux light switch that I have as an accessory in my bike. So pls keep that in mind. It’s not like unusable on sport tourers but will rob some freedom from the rider for sure.


    I don’t have much to add on Improvements since its a vfm product only mostly, but i have conveyed to the team to add one or more additional key hooks either in the main or side compartments to store more keys. Currently the bag has 1 key hook only.

    Sridhar Krishnan,

  6. 5 out of 5


    Got for my bike: Xpulse 200 4V

    Looking for Tank Bag for my new bike when i was searching i was ended with Viaterra , then i found lot of specified tank bags but the one and only tank bag which i liked is Fly Magnetic.

    My field is in IT Tech Support , I used to carry a huge bag previously, but now the Bag Fulfills all the required things in one certainty,

    A great Response from the Viaterra Team, and also recommended to my brother for the upcoming purchase,

    In future me and brother planning for the apparels purchases,


    எனது பைக்கிற்கு கிடைத்தது: Xpulse 200 4V

    எனது புதிய பைக்கிற்கான டேங்க் பேக்கைத் தேடும் போது, நான் வயடெராவுடன் முடிவடைந்தேன், பின்னர் நான் குறிப்பிட்ட டேங்க் பேக்குகளைக் கண்டேன், ஆனால் நான் விரும்பிய ஒரே டேங்க் பேக் ஃப்ளை மேக்னடிக் ஆகும்.

    எனது துறை ஐடி தொழில்நுட்ப ஆதரவில் உள்ளது, நான் முன்பு ஒரு பெரிய பையை எடுத்துச் சென்றேன், ஆனால் இப்போது பை தேவையான அனைத்து விஷயங்களையும் ஒரு உறுதியுடன் நிறைவேற்றுகிறது,

    Viaterra குழுவிடமிருந்து ஒரு சிறந்த பதில், மேலும் வரவிருக்கும் வாங்குதலுக்காக எனது சகோதரருக்கு பரிந்துரைக்கப்பட்டது,

    எதிர்காலத்தில் நானும் சகோதரனும் ஆடைகளை வாங்க திட்டமிட்டுள்ளோம்,

    இந்த விமர்சனம் தமிழ்நாடு சென்னையில் இருந்து பெருமையாக உள்ளது

  7. 4 out of 5


    An awesome product by Viaterra. The fit n finish, quality of the material, quality of the chains are top notch. The shape of the tank bag is just ideal. All the necessary things can get inside easily. My Previous experience with tank bag from a different brand was not so good. But with this one I’m completely satisfied.

  8. 4 out of 5


    I have been using the fly for quite a few months now and I personally feel this is the right time for me to provide a user review.

    To be frank I haven’t really used Fly as my main luggage carrier. It has always been the secondary and with that it works really fine.

    Mostly the stuff that I have in the Fly would be my rain liners both top and bottom, basic tools of my bike, chain lubes, micro fiber cloth and a portable tyre inflator and my wallet in the side pocket Ofcourse and a plethora of first aid kit in the mesh compartment. So, I guess now you understand how handy it becomes as a secondary luggage.

    Will list out the pros and cons 1st and will elaborate on each of them shall we.

    1. Build quality
    2. Sturdiness
    3. Magnets
    4. Size
    5. Reliability

    1. Size
    2. Pullers
    3. No dedicated rain liner compartment

    Build quality:
    Have to say this is really a well built tank bag. The moment you touch it you can feel the fabric as a sturdy one that’s ready to take quite a lot of bashing.

    No doubts that this bag will serve you many many years.

    In this new iteration the addition of that plastic sheet to maintain the form is a simple yet brilliant idea.

    Having that as a detachable item is classy. I generally keep it inserted though. Really helps to pack things in an organised way. And also helps to use the zippers in one hand easily.

    The 5 magnet design is a charm and I have no complaints with them. Once fixed on the tank, the bag stays that way even after a 500km ride.

    Its a worry free bag and you can confidently keep it on your tank and forget about it.

    18L capacity feels right on my CBR250R. Not more not less. Helps me grab my clip ons without intrusion and due to the size and form factor, the bag really doesn’t intrude when am having fun at the corners.

    As i had quoted before, the material feels really sturdy and as a overall package, this bag oozes quality.

    With proper wash and maintenance am sure you can use this bag daily even over 5+ years. Plus Via’s excellent customer service and option to repair the bag for damages is something remarkable.

    Now, time for the cons.

    Surprised? You should be. As i said, the size feels adequate. No more no less.

    But if you see the items that i had listed, they’re not much and for that itself the bag feels full.

    May be that’s also another reason why I don’t feel like using the fly as my main luggage. May be Via could have used the option to increase the storage a bit by loosening the zippers like they have in their non magnetic model.

    Come on via. You and Rynox are like the Apple and Samsung of the travel gears segments.

    You can get inspired from them when they do something right. Right?

    Adding pullers to the zippers would have helped using fly even easier while wearing gloves.

    Rain liner compartment:
    You have 2 side pockets and you fill one with the bag’s rain liner? Seriously? Come on. Even bags that cost lesser than Fly has a dedicated rain liner compartment so it doesn’t eat up space.

    You could have followed the same and could have intelligently used the bag’s top layer for rain liner storage.

    Overview and verdict:
    If you have read this much from the beginning, then i would say you’re pretty serious with your purchase and you’re at the right place.

    All the cons mentioned are nit picks and they’re not gonna hamper your user experience in any way.

    But the pros, they’re gonna be with you for a long time. If you wanna buy a tank bag and don’t wanna have second thoughts after purchase then this is the bag to go.

  9. 5 out of 5


    Review – ViaTerra Fly Magnetic Tank Bag
    Bike: Honda CBR 250R
    Order No. #31888

    I Bought this bag for the tank mounting as well as to use maps while riding my CBR. Quality of the bag is superb and I have used it in several trips. Its convertible to be used as a backpack too. Capacity is great for carrying daily office stuff or a long weekend ride. For longer rides I used this tank bag along with my Claw (72L). Highly recommended to all bike lovers. I have been using this bag for daily commute as well. I would say VIATERRA is good when it comes to quality. I am very happy with the purchase, I really liked the quality of this bag and material used is too good. It’s really worth for our money. The build quality of fly magnetic tank bag is very good and has various other compartments so that I can keep and manage my all important documents safely. It’s stable in high speeds more than 120 Kmph and it’s does the job very well.

    I would suggest VIATERRA would provide GREEN color rain cover for more visibility.


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