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The ViaTerra GRID is our feature-loaded full gauntlet riding gloves that offers all the protection you need for track or touring use! The Grid comes equipped with the same premium, top of the line KNOX SPS 404 protection used in the world’s most advanced gloves. Combine that with high density TPU protectors for knuckle (CE Level 2) and wrist, goat skin leather for the palms, pinky finger bridge and you have the best protection available for an Indian rider. The GRID has been CE tested and confirmed to meet Level 1 requirements by SATRA UK. It also meets/ exceeds CE Level 2 requirements on cuff length, restraint, impact abrasion resistance and impact protection for knuckles.


  • 1 Pair of Grid Full Gauntlet Riding Gloves

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₹ 5,999 MRP inclusive of all taxes

Overall CE level 1 Passed - Tested by SATRA, UK

Superior Impact Protection for Knuckles

Palm protection with Full Wrap Knox SPS 404

Impact Protection for Wrist & fingers

Pinky finger bridge for roll protection

Goatskin Leather for enhanced abrasion protection

Excellent Ventilation & Breathability

Optimum Comfort & stretch

Dual velcro closure with wrist accordion

SuperGrip for smooth throttle operation

Touchscreen friendly

A visor wiper for the rainy rides



STEP 1 - Measure your hand using a tailor's measuring tape

There are two key measurements that you need to take into consideration for figuring out your glove size.

  1. Circumference - Wrap the tape measure around your palm at its widest point and lightly close your hand before taking the measurement.
  2. Length - Measure from the tip of the middle finger to the base of your palm at your wrist.

STEP 2 - Find your glove size by checking hand measurements against the chart provided

  • If both the measurements do not fall in one particular size - use the larger of the two measures to choose the glove size.
  • If the two measurements are on the border line between two sizes, try both the sizes and choose the one that offers a better fit.

STEP 1 - Confirm that the gloves are a comfortable fit. They should not be excessively tight on any finger (especially the thumb) & knuckles. To check this, try the gloves on and form a fist several times and verify if:

  • Adequate room for all fingers (specially thumb) to move and operate controls comfortably.
  • Check the fitment on both hands since your left and right hand sizes do vary.

While leather gloves do take some time to break in, ensure that the fit on first try is not so tight as to cause discomfort and/or restrict movement.

STEP 2 - Ensure the knuckle protectors are properly positioned. The way to check this is:

  • Roll your hand into a tight fist and hold the position for 5-10 minutes. This position should be easy to hold without causing any discomfort or causing any stress points.
  • Ensure that the edge of the knuckle protector is not over the knuckle when the fist is formed.

A few things to keep in mind when you start using the Grid full gauntlet riding gloves -  

  • Putting on and taking off may be slightly difficult because the wrist area is narrowed down for safety reasons. This is done to prevent the gloves from coming off your hands during a crash and to offer a snug fit.
  • You may find it odd or uncomfortable if you have never used gloves with a pinky bridge. Give it a few days of riding and you will get used to it. Remember, any protective gear is relatively uncomfortable compared to riding without protection.
  • You may find the Knox SPS on the palm to be uncomfortable on the first try. But just like any protective gear, over a period of time, you will get used to it so you do not even notice it. These devices are incorporated into the gloves to ensure you are well-protected when you most need it.
  • In our research, we found that the palm size and the finger length are not in the same proportion for everyone (that makes each of us unique in the truest sense!). In such cases, the primary area of fitment should always be the palm area, even if you are to be left with some extra room near your fingertips.
  • We have used high-density TPU to maximise protection and longevity. While we have added an additional foam layer underneath the TPU, they may feel a bit too hard at the beginning. Thinner and more flexible knuckle protectors are not very effective during a crash and do not last long either.


Concerned that you might not like what you get? While we are extremely confident that you will be more than satisfied with our gloves, we understand that sometimes you might be looking for something different. Not to worry, we offer a zero risk trial within 3 days from the date of delivery. And no, you don't need to pay for the return shipping. Please write to us on if you have any further queries or need clarifications.


Worried about the wrong size if you buy online? You can exchange for size within 3 days from the date of delivery at ZERO cost – yup, we will get the gloves picked up from your address and send a replacement once we receive them in an unused condition. Please write to us on if you have any further queries or need clarifications.

Durable Materials: The GRID uses goat skin leather that is durable, light and naturally water resistant. The thickness of the leather is kept high for enhanced abrasion resistance.

CE Rated Protection: The Grid comes equipped with the same premium, top-of-the-line KNOX SPS 404 protection used in the world’s most advanced gloves. Combine that with high-density TPU protectors for knuckle (CE Level 2) and wrist, goat skin leather for the palms, and pinky finger bridge and you have the best protection available for an Indian rider. Grid surpasses Level 2 standards for the knuckle, palm and wrist offering unmatched safety when out on the road touring or racing your heart out on a track.

  • Palm Abrasion Protection as measured by mean abrasion time on palm area - 4X Level 2 standard
  • Knuckle Impact Protection as measured by mean transmitted peak force on the knuckles - 3X Level 2 standard
  • Wrist Closure Resistance measured as force held for 30 seconds - Meets Level 2 standard

Enhanced comfort: Grid comes with floating Knuckle protectors and an accordion panel underneath to allow the knuckle to float giving you room for movement when operating the clutch and brake. Similarly, large accordion panels have been integrated on all the fingers and thumbs to allow free movement while operating levers.

Excellent Ventilation: We use perforated leather throughout the Grid along with air inlets on top of the fingers to allow maximum airflow. This makes the gloves breathable and allows sweat to evaporate quickly making your rides during hot weather more comfortable!


Our gloves use full-grain goat leather that is naturally water-resistant. However, when leather gets wet, the oils get stripped from the leather – this will stiffen the leather and eventually cause it to crack. Think of it as your skin after taking a bath – you need to moisturize to replace the natural oils in your skin removed by the water. So, what matters for your gloves is what you do after it gets wet. Here is a step by step process to keep your glove well cared for and last longer.

Materials needed:

  • Microfiber/ soft cloth
  • Small bowl or mixing cup
  • Absorbent towels
  • Soft-bristled brush
  • pH neutral leather cleaner
  • Leather conditioner
  • Lukewarm water

How to clean riding gloves?

1. In a small bowl or measuring cup, mix a portion of leather cleaner in lukewarm water.

2. Dampen a microfiber cloth with the mixture and gently wipe the stained areas. If the gloves have mud splatters, allow the mud to dry before attempting to clean it away. Use a soft-bristled brush to brush it away before cleaning with cloth.

3. Clean the gloves starting at the wrist and working toward each fingertip. Be sure to clean well between each finger. Keep moving to a clean area of the cloth as the dirt is transferred. 4. Rinse the cloth often as the dirt is transferred. Turn the gloves over and repeat on the other side.


5. DO NOT allow your gloves to come in contact with solvents (do not use fabric softener!), fuel, or cleaning agents.

6. DO NOT use any kind of CHEMICAL or scrub the leather

7. Do not use a washing machine or high-pressure devices to clean the gloves, as high temperatures and pressure will damage the leather.

How to dry wet gloves?

1. Dry the gloves by pressing softly with an absorbent towel after cleaning. You can also do this when your gloves get wet in the rain.

2. Allow damp gloves to dry slowly, as this will prevent the leather from stiffening and cracking.

3. Never dry wet gloves with a blow-dryer or put them on a radiator or direct sunlight or other heat source to dry – this will harden the leather and lead to damage. Also dry the gloves indoors away from direct sunlight where there is good ventilation.

4. While your gloves are drying, periodically put them on your hands to stretch the leather and ensure they don't shrink.

5. Just before the gloves are completely dry, put the gloves on and shape them to your hand while still damp. Remove the gloves gently, trying to retain this shape in the gloves and allow it to continue drying.

How to condition gloves?

After the gloves are completely dry, apply a good quality leather conditioner. This is very important. Properly treated and conditioned (oiled) leather will breathe and the internal microfibers will move freely in the leather.

1. Use a good quality leather conditioner that will allow the leather to breathe.

2. Apply conditioner and rub it into the leather.

3. Allow the conditioner to soak into the gloves and reapply (if needed).

4. Wipe off any excess conditioner and make sure the gloves are not slick on the motorcycle controls.

How to store riding gloves?

When gloves are stored wet or in a non-ventilated area, this may cause deformations and ruin your gloves, not to mention this allows mildew to grow on the leather causing discoloration and damage.

1. Make sure that your gloves are completely dry before you store them.

2. Place them in a breathable cotton bag to protect them from dust but with enough air circulation to prevent mildew from forming.

3. Store them in a cool, dry, well ventilated area


We offer a 12 month warranty on manufacturing and material defects. Our gloves are made in the same factories that manufacture for top brands like Dainese, Alpinestars, Furygan, RevIt, etc. Please click Warranty policy for details.


Minor repairs of opened stitches, velcro etc due to normal wear and tear can be done at a reasonable charge. Send us an email with pictures so we can determine if the gloves can be repaired or not. Please click Repair policy for details.


Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Sarath AR
Great in the segment

Viaterra Grid gloves are exceptional in their segment, offering great comfort and impressive quality. Ideal for long rides, these gloves provide a satisfying combination of comfort and durability.

This gloves stand out not only for their excellent comfort and quality but also for the outstanding safety they provide. These gloves offer a commendable level of protection, making them a reliable choice for riders seeking both comfort and safety on their journeys.

Kevin Kennedy
Great Product, Could have a few improvements

In terms of protection at this price point, there's simply no competition whatsoever. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the gloves hold their own against any gloves under the 10,000 Rs Mark. No issues with the quality of materials and finish as well. There are just a couple of improvements I would want. Firstly, the comfort could be improved by using softer material to pad the interiors of the gloves. This would help significantly with comfort during the break-in process. Secondly, the gloves are stitched in such a way that it is a little too precise with the finger measurements of an ideal hand. Everyone's hands will have variations; I discovered on trying this glove that there are a few Millimetres of difference between my left and right palm in terms of both length and width, apparent at the area where the fingers join the palm. Because of this, the gloves felt weird the first few times I used them, but now are much better. Having just a little excess leather on the joint areas will make it a comfortable fit right from the get-go. Overall though, I'm very happy with my purchase.

Samir Roy

I have Purchased & Used this Gloves for My Muktinath Trip from 30/10/23 to 06/11/23(Nepal)

Just used for 8 day's and Stitches are frmoving and Lather skin peeling and gloves are vary uncomfortable for iner hard part, contunue can't use for 2 hour's.

And after that the problame Customer support not Vary Good
They don't have interest to understand the problame.

So i requesting to Viterra please improve the Gloves quality & Customer support in this price.

Riding Experience, Safety, Looks All in One

These gloves are what you need of you are looking for something best in the market with classy looks & safety. The gloves are little hard to fit in for 4-6 days and once that period is complete they are very comfortable.

I have some points to share from my experience with these gloves while riding. (I ride a RE Classic 350)

1. The gloves will be a little tight at the beginning but eventually within a week they will feel better.

2. If you are new with the riding gloves than initially it might feel that there is something wrong with the Clutch while changing the gears with the gloves, but don't worry it is just a mere misconception of one's mind. Once the gloves get adjusted to the hands everything goes smoothly.

3. The safety of these gloves are at par and best in this price range.

4. The gloves can be worn for either city ride or long tours, but don't just go for long ride while trying the gloves for the first time do some city rides and let the gloves be synchronised with everything first.

5. Choose the gloves according to the size chart and don't casually place the order by just merely lookin the hand and thinking that this particular size will fit me (I have one set of Royal Enfield gloves also and they are of XL size but these viaterra gloves I ordered were of L size and both the sizes fits my hand perfectly). So basically every company has different measuring perspective so order accordingly.

Pritam Patra
Very Comfortable and Durable

The gloves are very comfortable and also very durable. The protection is very good it has everything one can ask from a Riding Gloves.